A Typical Dog Morning For Christmas

Sadie, bringer of Christmas joy and vomitMerry Christmas!  One of the best things about life with dogs is that although the details are in constant flux, the foundation is very stable.  I can count on it.  Changes mostly happen gradually, but even when they’re sudden, their timing seems to be tied to nature or something, and I find I can accept them.

So far today, though, it’s a perfectly normal morning.  Dogs don’t do anything different at Christmas, and that’s lovely.  Early this morning, I felt, through a sleepy haze, someone licking my face.  I opened one eye and there was Sadie.  “Good girl, Sadie, Merry Christmas”, I said, and then she turned around, scooched back, and somehow inserted her whole hind end between my arms.  This was the first time she’d done anything like that, and I was surprised and so pleased.  I was lying in a sort of fetal position, with one arm curled underneath my head and the topmost arm lying parallel to it.  And with her tucked like that, with her back against my chest, I fell back asleep, thinking what a wonderful thing it was for a Christmas morning.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep again when I heard the retching sound.  I’m programmed to move fast, when I hear that.  A quick reaction means less laundry later.  It was Sadie, and she doesn’t do a long windup.  I was able to get a flannel sheet under her before she spit up, and now it’s in the wash.  And that’s how it is here, every day–a lot of love, a lot of bodily fluids which need to be cleaned up.

Sadie has a fascinating story, to anyone interested in dogs and dog rescue, and I’ll tell it.  But right now it’s breakfast time–turkey, oatmeal, and squash to go top of their dry food for their Christmas breakfast–and time for me to come up with a hypothesis for why Sadie has spit up in the morning, two days in a row.  Instinct is telling me she might be waking up with too little in her tum, and maybe I should give her a bedtime snack.  She’s a little chubby, though, so I may just keep an eye on the situation for a day or two longer.

Burberry just came in from the yard and stood up to kiss me.  Nice.  Then there was a small explosion and a tiny stink bomb came from her hind end.  Keepin’ it real.  I love it here.

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