Mop Quest

Jiminy (L) and Anna Belle, at the park in their car

My goal today is to write the same post for both my blogs, the dog blog and the housecleaning blog.  There are two reasons I want to do this; first, I think it will bring together some different parts of myself, and second, I love the title, ‘Mop Quest’, and want to get good mileage out of it.  🙂

I’m completely serious about the title.  For months now–more than a year, even–I’ve been trying to find a mop that will stand up to my requirements.  I’m not talking about the mop handle–there’s no difficulty finding a sturdy, efficient, comfortable mop handle with a great lifespan.  It’s the mop head that’s the problem.  For years, I was all set.  Quickie had a great mop head that was a deep blue color, and it worked like a charm and held up beautifully for a very long time.  It was made of a polyvinylchloride (maybe not exactly right) material, I think, from something the woman said when I called the Quickie company.  She was supposed to see if there were any in their storage warehouses, left over from when they stopped selling them.  She knew right away what I meant–she’d liked it, too.  I never heard from her, so I assume there were none. 

Now all you can get from Quickie are the normal sponge types, for wet mopping.  And that’s all you can get from Mrs. Libman, too.  Mrs. Libman’s sponge head is much less durable than Quickie’s, for some reason.  Mrs. Libman is supposed to have a lifetime warranty, but after they’d replaced the mop head for me four or five times, they said I’d have to have a receipt in order for them to replace it.  Since I had no receipt, because the head was a freebie from them, I think they have the lifetime warranty thing all sewn up!  🙂 

I just thought of a third reason why I’m going to post this in my two different blogs.  I would truly love it if someone out there could tell me of a mop that really lasts…

I do wonder, sometimes, if the mop heads would last in a different household.  I thought I had it figured out, one day, when I was talking to a particularly nice woman at Mrs. Libman’s.  She said that her own Libman’s mop, identical to mine, was lasting for at least half a year (again, I’m talking about the mop head–I’m just calling it a mop for brevity).  I could tell she believed me, though, when I told her that I was getting about two weeks of use from each head.  We both thought the same thing at the same moment–cleaning products!  Maybe mine were much stronger, or I wasn’t rinsing them out.  But it wasn’t right.  I use mild cleaning products from Mrs. Meyers, and I rinse overly long, really.  Then I had what I thought might be, finally, the solution–dog pee!  That’s what I use the mop for, mostly.  What if there were something in dog pee that dissolved sponges?  But she said she uses hers for cat pee.  So that seemed a dead end.  Still, later I realized that the amount of cat pee she was dealing with was probably nothing like the amount of dog pee I deal with when I’ve got oldsters in the house.  It’s not just the oldsters, of course, and some oldsters never get incontinence issues.  But I do notice I’m doing a lot more mopping, now that I’ve suddenly got a ‘mature’ girl dog in the house again.

So, please, everyone, anyone, tell me your mop stories and give me your mop recommendations.

I was the lucky recipient today of a queen-sized futon and folding frame, on the recycling network in our town.  They’re in excellent condition, and will be so perfect to add to our sleeping and lounging suite, where there are already a king-sized bed; four sofas, two of which are sleepers; an oversized, overstuffed chair; and a couple of ottomans, plus a number of dog crates and cages, which no one ever uses anymore.  After I picked up the futon and frame and stopped at the Bird House for suet cages, suet, and another seed feeding globe, I buzzed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a queen-sized waterproof cover. 

That reminds me that I’d like to tell new rescuers about that issue, too–for every surface where your pets will sleep, buy yourself a waterproof cover.  It’ll save your furniture, your time, and your good mood, more than any other one thing–except a good mop!

While at BB&B, I found in the clearance section an all-in-one bedding ensemble thing for a king-sized bed.  It was greatly reduced, and I had a 20% off coupon with me, in addition to the coupon I was going to use on the waterproof cover.  Nothing was wrong with it except that the outer plastic packaging had a rip in it.  The fabric wasn’t my absolute favorite–shades of purple, cream, and taupe, and kind of silky–but there were two 100% cotton sheet sets in there, in addition to the normal stuff, and even four accent pillows, so I decided to spend the money and get it. 

I don’t like making big purchases like that, though, and questioned my decision.  When I got home, I was reminded of why it’s OK for me to budget a little more for bedding.  As I opened the door to the suite, my nose met up with a pretty strong poopy smell.  Poor little Anna Belle was actually sitting in a big mess!  I wonder if she was afraid to move, the poor little girl, since her wobbly hind legs don’t allow her to jump freely anyway, and they probably felt funny to her because they were dirty.  She was on one of the sleeper sofas, and I was thrilled to find that there were four blankets under her, meaning that all I had to do was to first give her a bath, and then do a big laundry.  That’s a far cry from having to shampoo the upholstery of a sofa…

So Annie is all wrapped up, warm and toasty, and the laundry is spinning out.  And after I put it into the dryer, it’s naptime.  I’ll ask my subconscious to figure out why she had that accident–I have some ideas already–in case there’s something I need to worry about…  

That's Anna Belle, in the back, with yawning Jiminy.

…other than my lack of a good mop.

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4 Responses to Mop Quest

  1. Anja says:

    I don’t know if this helps but I have never liked any of the different mops sold in stores. They tend to push the dirt around and they don’t absorb enough liquid.
    A few years ago I bought what may have been called the ‘wonder mop…. or broom’ via an info-mercial. It has rubber bristles and a squeegee on the back.
    I tend to used it by itself first and then in combination with a rag/towel. It does a great job and I can’t imagine cleaning my floors any other way!
    Mine is currently mia….. which I am VERY upset about!

    • cellopets says:

      Wow, that sounds very promising! The only thing that makes me hesitant is that part about using a rag/towel, too. But I think it’s still worth a try, and I will look for something called a ‘Wonder Mop, as seen on TV’! Thank you, and I hope you get yours back–what’s up with that?–someone stole it? Ai yai yai. I wonder if someone else noticed how good it is. If so, that’s one heck of a mop!

      • cellopets says:

        Well, I really want to thank you for that tip, although I never did find your mop. If you enter, ‘Wonder Mop as seen on TV’, you are inundated with blurbs about the Libman Wonder Mop, which people hate, apparently–and that one looks nothing like that you described. If you enter just, ‘as seen on TV’, you get a whole bunch of mop choices, but none was yours. BUT–there was also a listing for blue PVA mop heads, on that site. They were no longer available, but now I knew that I was looking for PVA, not PVC–remember I thought I had that a little wrong, up in the blog? So I went hunting for them, and found a Rubbermaid wringer mop with a blue head, just like the one I’ve been missing! I’m very excited to see if they have it at any of the stores they suggested might carry it around here, since they’re not places I’ve looked before (for some reason, I never went shopping for a mop at our local hardware store–I guess I didn’t know they even carried them). If I can’t find it around here, at least it’s available online. So if you don’t get your mop back, you might want to try this one–it absorbs tons more water than a sponge mop, gets things really clean, and lasts for a very long time. Thank you for leading me to that search.

  2. Anja says:

    Do a search for wonder broom or onesweep. It’s really a broom, I just use it like a mop with the squeegee on the back and a rag ….
    I can’t tell you how often this has come in handy. I think mine got put somewhere after I helped a friend in her flooded basement. I also used it to clean snow off my car in the winter! I need a new one anyway so I should start shopping around!
    Even to use as a broom it would be a great addition. I love it to scrub floors the most, though.

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