Vitamin C

I got a message from a very kind reader, letting me know that doses of vitamin C larger than 125 mg couldn’t be absorbed by the body.  I’ve heard this, and I’ve also heard the opposite.  Although years ago I was a stubborn skeptic when it came to the need for vitamins and supplements, seeing improvements in my dogs when I supplemented their diets led me to experiment on myself, and I could swear that when I take huge doses of C, I can power right through an incipient illness. 

And as I thought about my reader’s message, I realized something very new and surprising about Grace today. 

I’ve started to wonder whether this blog has special powers.  I write things, and almost immediately they get proven wrong.  I told you how great my washing machine is, and within days, it started to leak.  I told you that Grace’s congestion wasn’t improving, and damned if today she hasn’t coughed or snorted once.  She still sounds a little stuffed up, but there’s nothing ooey gooey for me to wipe, and she simply isn’t coughing today.  Was it our lovely bath?  Some effect of the humidity, maybe?  Or is it the vitamin C kicking in?  I just don’t know. 

The most remarkable thing of all is this:  until I’d read the article at the link below, a half hour or so ago, I had no idea that vitamin C might help cataracts.  But for at least a week now, I’ve been staring into Grace’s eyes, asking myself, “Are you seeing things or creating your own personal reality, or is it possible that Grace’s cataracts are fading?”  ‘Cause it really, really looks like they are.  Her eyes are even reflecting differently, and also I’ve felt that part of the reason she’s moving so much quicker lately is simply because she can see better.  She’s been buzzing around today, more confidently than ever, and incidentally just demolished a big dinner, and I suppose I will be happy and grateful and leave the hows and whys for another day.  In the meantime, here’s a link to the article.  I think there’s probably a bit of bias here, too much fervor, perhaps, but I tend to think the quotes from Linus Pauling are accurate, and very interesting.

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2 Responses to Vitamin C

  1. cellopets says:

    I have another theory. About fifteen minutes after I’d published this, Grace coughed, just once. Why now, after having been cough-free all day? What was different? Had anything changed in the last few minutes (because I really don’t think the blog has special powers)? I looked up, and there was the possible answer. I’d built a fire in the woodstove! It’s today’s first fire, because it has been a freakishly warm day here, and has become chilly only now. Does burning wood, even in a stove and not a fireplace, bother her lungs? I’d have no trouble believing that, since it certainly bothers mine. But in any case, since I’ve been told many times that vitamin C is excellent for removing that type of toxin from the body (smoke, spray paint, wall paint, aerosol anything…all kinds of chemicals, really), I’ll keep using it, for both of us, and occasionally for the others, too.

  2. Anja says:

    I loved that article!!!!
    Also, thank you for mentioning it’s relevance to cataracts!! I wish I had known that during Heidi’s later years, but I will keep it in mind from now on!
    That would be so cool if Grace’s eyes were actually improving at her age, simply because of her diet!!! What a change for an elderly former death-row dog from NYC!!!

    Vitamin C is without a doubt one of natures gifts to us. I think one of the reasons to focus on ‘natural intake’ via whole foods first is that sometimes we also need other nutrients and minerals in order for our bodies to maximize the benefits. Nature tends to give us the whole package. Supplement manufacturers are not always as clever as nature ; ) ; ) and sometimes they are more driven by their financial benefit than our good health. ; ) (yes, I did ‘wink’ 3 times)

    The world of nutrition can be so confusing and opinions vary so greatly. Unfortunately that scares many people away from learning about what can nourish and feed and protect their bodies and their health!
    I say: “Be curious! Enjoy the information you find and don’t hesitate to add whole foods into your diet because they are believed to enhance our health. Chances are even if the information given is not totally accurate, whole foods will not cause disaster to your health.
    When taking supplements, use a little more caution. Taking more than necessary amounts of vitamin C for instance is very unlikely to cause you any issues. It is ‘water-soluble’ which means the body takes what it needs and gets rid of the rest.
    Fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin E for instance are stored in the body. Do a little more homework on those as well as on minerals but in general, don’t get scared away!!!

    Well, I don’t want to write a blog on Ingrids blog….. and I don’t know enough about Nutrition to tell anyone what to do or not to do. I do however know, that we have been scared away from making one of the most basic decisions for ourselves …. which is what to eat! We should not eat blindly but with passion and love and intent.
    We should be aware of what we eat and enjoy every bite of it!

    As our pets don’t choose what they eat, but We choose it for them….. it stands to reason that we should do a little “extra” homework….

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