My last blog entry, “The Golden Fleece”, has made me a little thoughtful and melancholy, because, during my time at that shelter, not all the endings were happy.  So I’m writing this P.S. to my “Poop” entry, primarily to cheer myself up, but also in order to document for myself, and pass along to you, the discovery I made today.

Do they still do that thing at the dentist’s office, where they have you brush your teeth, and then they give you a tablet or put some stuff in your mouth, and it shows you all the places where you missed and where your teeth are still dirty?

Or…wait!  I have an even better visual image for this.  Have you ever eaten Frosted Mini Wheats, the kind with the white frosting?  Can you picture how, no matter how soggy the milk makes the wheat part, the frosting part always stays on top of the surface and looks fresh and crisp?

Well, today I learned that the best of all conditions for poop scooping may be on a day when you’ve been frozen for awhile, have had a thaw the day before, and now you’re getting a light snowfall.  If you go out there into the yard, you’ll be able to see every poop, even after the ground gets covered.  And they’ll still be frozen

Burberry (R), who's always ready for a snow day, and friend

enough to be easy to pick up, and not disgusting, but not so frozen that you wish you had a chisel (except that you wouldn’t want to have to use it, anyway).  And the bracing winter air helps you maintain an internal clean feeling, which distracts you from what your hands are doing.

My whole yard is done.  I’ll do one more walk-through, to check for anything I might have missed–have you noticed how, as soon as you think you’re done and tie up your bag, you find the last one?–and then it’s time to give them a new stuffed toy or sock-with-a-surprise-inside, and encourage them to let it rip.

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