Well, after I posted that depressing, depressed entry this morning, I went to the note factory and manufactured some notes–actually, many, many notes, and quick ones, because we’re playing an opera that is very tricky for the string section, of which I’m a member.  And, as usual, producing notes cheered me up.  🙂

And that makes it easy to write this happy news.  I first met my friend Maureen at the dog park, where I was greatly pleased to learn that she recognized my Beagle mix Sadie from Sadie’s long-ago adoption photo at the animal shelter.  Sadie has a noticeable underbite, which makes her unforgettable.  But not too many people would recognize, months later, an actual dog seen only in an online photo.  Maureen was a fellow dog fanatic, I could tell.  She had to have been studying those photos pretty closely.

Maureen owned one dog at that time, and we tossed around the idea of having her adopt my wonderful foster dog Audrey, since she had considered adding a second dog to her family.  I had never been sure whether or not I wanted to foster Audrey or adopt her myself, but recently I’d decided that I’d adopt Audrey to someone else only if the other person could provide a home setting as good as, or better than, my own.  Some other time I’ll write more about that, probably a lot more.

I felt Maureen could give Audrey a home that was that good.  But neither of us was in a hurry to move on an adoption, and in the meantime, Maureen fell in love with little Ruby, from our downtown animal shelter, where conditions are quite a bit rougher than at the large shelter in our area.  I was delighted with this, because this way two dogs were safe–I would, once and for all, give up the idea of adopting Audrey to someone else and she’d be mine, and Ruby was all set–something which would have been by no means guaranteed, even in this city, where we do pretty well adopting out small dogs. 

Ruby fit right into Maureen’s family, and she and Maureen’s original dog Max became good friends right away.  During the time that these things were happening, Maureen was becoming more and more active as a ‘crossposter’ on Facebook.  A crossposter is someone who networks adoption listings from ‘posters’–the folks getting the information on adoptable dogs and cats from the shelters themselves. 

In the case of my dog Grace, an undercover volunteer in Brooklyn posted Grace’s photo and information, and my Facebook friend Joan in New Jersey crossposted Grace, and that’s how I saw her and rescued her.  That’s a very interesting story for another blog entry, or two or three.  Below is an example of how effective crossposting can be.  In this case, it looks like shelter volunteers, or even actual paid shelter employees, were willing to be contacted by potential adopters.  That’s not always the case, and these people should be proud of the job they’re doing.  This post has another wonderful thing to its credit.  Putting phone numbers into the listing, for phones that a human being will actually answer, makes the process go smoother and faster, and sometimes timing is critical.  

Profile · Ingrid’s Wall

  • Mason was SAVED today, and the person who posted his picture wrote and said that he was saved by the internet–posting and crossposting. So thank you for clicking on ‘share’ for these dogs, and please keep it up. SAVED!

    The wrenching picture below is of a 3 year old yellow lab mix named
    Mason who is currently slated to die this week at the Bladen County
    Shelter in Elizabethtown, NC. Mason’s sad eyes and face tell the tale
    of a dog that has been beaten, neglected, starved, frozen and left to
    die out on his own in the rural fields of Bladen County….like a piece
    of trash that never mattered to a soul. The most heartbreaking part of
    this picture is that this miserable shelter kennel is likely the most
    comfortable place this dog has ever known. I HATE that Mason is about
    to die without even having had a chance to know how it feels to bask in
    front of a warm fire with a family that loves him. He really deserves

    Won’t you please help me and Sylvia Kim get this poor dog to safety?
    2010 was exceptionally cruel to Mason…let’s turn things around for him
    in 2011 and help wipe that worried look off his furrowed brow!!!

    Please save MASON!!!! Call Sylvia Kim at 910-876-0539 if you can help,
    or you can email bladenpets@yahoo.com.

    You can also email me, Liz, at esobel326@gmail.com.

    Thank you for considering this sweetie!  See more


It would be very hard to keep going without happy ending stories like Mason’s.

When I first started crossposting, I had no idea if it was making a difference.  And just yesterday or the day before, I saw that Maureen, a newer crossposter, had written to someone that she had no idea whether she was helping, but she would just keep doing it.  When I first discovered that crossposting does indeed save lives, I was overjoyed, and did my crosspostings with a new fervor.  And I’m sure the same thing will happen to Maureen, when she realizes.  But in the meantime, she has taken another step into the world of dog rescue.

Today’s big excitement is that Maureen, who watched the whole Grace rescue play out on Facebook, was inspired last night to say ‘yes’ to fostering another New York dog through the same rescue organization who ‘pulled’ Grace for me.  Pulling means that an authorized individual, usually from an official 501C-3 rescue, does the paperwork required by the shelter to release a dog for adoption, and often physically ‘escorts’ the dog or cat from the building, at which point everyone on Facebook who has been following the progress of the pet writes in with congratulations and expressions of joy.  Different shelters have different rules for pulling, and that explanation, again, will be in other blog entries.

The point is, Maureen is going to foster a dog!  It’s wonderful!  I posted a congratulatory animated card from Jacquie Lawson (amazing, what that woman can do with animation) on Maureen’s Facebook wall and on my own.  And today, when I got back from the note factory, on my computer was something that means more to me than anything else that’s been on it before, because it means that I’ve not only saved a dog’s or cat’s life, but have now gone a step further and inspired and helped someone else to do it, too.  Here’s what Maureen wrote in her animated thank you card:

Thanks Ingrid! I am so beyond excited about this! You know you are the one who got me started on this journey in the first place. I will keep you posted and am looking forward to posting some amazing after pics of that beautiful girl…just like you did with Grace 🙂

Make my day, why don’tcha, Maureen?  Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to meet Clarisse.  Blessings on your fostering!  Here’s a link to the video made to help Clarisse find her forever home: 


And here’s what the head of the rescue group had to say about it last night…

This is Clarisse. She is going to get out of shelter-prison, thanks to an angel from Rochester who stepped up for her tonight and offered to foster her. XO

…and today:

The poster child for cruelty is about to begin the rest of her life in a safe loving home where she can finally have fun~ thanks to everyone who was and is a part of her rescue. xo

After seeing the video of Clarisse, I’m so glad that today I happened to buy all the ingredients to bake dog biscuits.  I hadn’t realized until right now that she was starving.  I can’t wait to meet her and feed her!  🙂

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One Response to Celebration

  1. cellopets says:

    Hell, I’m not shy, Maureen. I did share it, right here, even before you wrote what’s below. I’m really, really happy about it, and I mentioned it up above. Maybe, in fact, it’s not quite polite, to share it as much as I have. C’mon, I’m kind of bragging! 🙂 But I have an ulterior motive. I want people to know how easy it is to inspire others to do their own good. You just have to be willing to talk about what you’re doing for the animals.

    Ingrid’s Profile · Ingrid’s Wall
    Ingrid Bock is so proud…no, something MORE than proud, of her friend Maureen, who has just made arrangements to foster a dog named Clarisse through the New York City rescue group AmsterDog, the same rescuers who got Grace out so I could adopt her. Honestly, I’m…not exactly speechless, but very moved. Way to go, Maureen and Deb DiIorio of AmsterDog! Grace just asked me to ask Clarisse to bring some decent bagels.

    Maureen Doohan: What Ingrid fails to share is that SHE is the one who inspired me to even start any of this rescue business. Meeting her at the dog park that day has changed my life (for the better I think)!

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