Break Fast

If you’ve never done it, you can’t imagine how satisfying it is to provide food for a creature who’s been starving.  My beautiful dog Audrey was found as a stray in Kentucky, and she was, so I was told, ‘truly skin and bones’.  In the Facebook photo I saw of her in her cage, she was standing up with her paws on the cage door, and I couldn’t tell exactly how thin she was, and was told by the woman who boarded her for me until she could catch a ride here.  By that time Audrey was being fed well, and that made it easier for me to contemplate.  But she was still quite thin when she came to me, and I can imagine what she must have looked like when first picked up by animal control.

Every single day, no, at every single meal, I deeply enjoy setting down Audrey’s food bowl in front of her.  And every single meal, she looks so happy to have that food, and eats so eagerly, and looks around for more.  She will go and sit, patiently and silently, without moving, next to a dog who she thinks is likely to leave leftovers, and polish them off.  It wouldn’t be possible, even if I wanted to, to forget that Audrey had once been starving.

I’m sure Maureen is feeling very satisfied this morning, as she feeds Clarisse her first breakfast in her new home.  She can count every vertebra on Clarisse, I’m sure, since I can see them even in the phone photo I saw just now.  It’s going to be so much fun for all of them, the process of putting a little weight on Clarisse’s bones.  I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of Clarisse’s story later today, but for now, I’m just wishing her bon appetit!

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