I’ve found a solution to something which has been bothering me.  I only wish that all solutions were so simple.

If you’ve read my little ‘introduction’, the thing called, ‘Thank You For Reading’, you know that I’m a cellist in a symphony, and a music teacher and chamber musician.  I love all those things, and am very grateful to have such a fulfilling, ever-fascinating job.  The only thing I don’t like about my job is that it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with dogs.  But even that is OK, because it’s fun and refreshing to have a change of pace, to leave the house to go to such a job, and to come back home to such a family.

Except when I’m supposed to be doing my job at home.  When I’m supposed to be making notes, not at the note factory, but in my living room, I miss my dogs.

I know that sounds strange.  They’re just one floor below, after all.  But lately I’ve found that I’d rather not be separated from them even for the amount of time I need to practice. 

My musical instrument is valuable.  All day today, on and off, my dogs were happily destroying one of my work gloves, Burberry prancing around with part of it, clearly showing off; Simo stealing away the finger segment and crouching in a corner to worry at it; Audrey and Giovanni and even Sadie (which delighted me–she has only just learned how to play) playing tug of war with the rest of it.  Something gets destroyed down here most days.  Today it was a glove, yesterday it was a magazine…who would risk a musical instrument down here in our suite?

Most weeks, I don’t need to spend too much time preparing my music, because I’ve learned it long before.  But this week I have a couple of very important concerts.  Usually, when I play at the note factory, I’m one of six or eight people playing the same music.  But for these two concerts, I’ll be the only one playing my particular notes, and it’s very different from playing in the symphony.  Maybe it’s like playing the outfield–I don’t really know.  But in any case, I’ll be on my own on my part, and I have to get it just right.  So I really need to put in my time making those notes!  And yet I keep stopping, because I miss the dogs.

So tonight, I decided to try to merge my worlds.  I brought my instrument down and set up a practice area right here in dogland, next to my computer desk, and it’s working beautifully!  All the dogs are lying around me, in various stages of slumber, and the woodstove has a roaring fire in it, and it’s very peaceful.  I feel that I could even leave my instrument here long enough to get a new piece of music, or a cup of coffee.  Hmmm…unless a deer chose that moment to hop the fence into our yard, and the dogs saw it.  I have noticed that dogs are amazingly graceful and able to avoid breaking things around them–able to avoid even touching them, in fact–but I think I won’t put this to the test just yet.  🙂

So for a couple of days, I’ll be focusing on my music, and I’m very much hoping that my beloved friend, the one who is considering fostering a dog, will write my blog for me, or, at least, with me, while I’m otherwise occupied.  I hope she’ll tell me what it’s like to be just thinking about a dog, instead of living with one (or ten).  I’m very curious to hear her concerns, and I’m quite sure that some of you are, too. 

Well, now I will disappear into a cloakroom, whisk off my dog-and-cat-hair-besmirched grungy clothes, and prepare to morph into one of the

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One Response to Eureka!

  1. Anja says:

    I love this blog, Ingrid!
    Whatever you do….don’t risk the Cello, though. Just like it is your responsibility to keep the furry ones as safe as you can…. you have to keep that cello safe, too!

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