This Is What It Looks Like

Now this is the way to look at a dog.

Very, very pleased to meet you, Clarisse, said Maureen. Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be? Right here.

Do you sometimes feel you can see into a dog’s soul, and do you like what you see?  Have you always wondered how people can live with a dog without really trying to understand it?  Do you feel moved at the depth of the bond possible between a dog and a human?  If you haven’t read it, try this book:  ‘Bones Would Rain From The Sky–Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs’, by Suzanne Clothier.  Don’t let the somewhat silly (in my opinion only, of course!) title scare you off.  There is nothing silly about this book.  When I started to read it I could hardly believe that I’d found, finally, a person who values dogs as they should be valued; who doesn’t want simply to ‘train’ them, but to train herself, too; who doesn’t preach one method of relating to a dog but who tries, instead, to get at the truth of each individual dog/human or dog/dog bond, and work from that place.  I cried frequently while reading it, from joy that a way of relating to dogs that I had hoped might be possible was, in fact, right there in print, and in use by an actual and highly respected dog ‘trainer’, and sometimes from sadness, that dogs are so often misunderstood by the people they love so much.  If you read this book and don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you, because I want more copies, to give away to people getting their first dog.  I think, though, that I won’t be getting any copies that way… 🙂 

Remember that name, Suzanne Clothier.  I’m told that, in person, she’s as quirky as a Basenji (although I’ve never heard that she yodels or won’t let guests on her couch), but does she know dogs.  I hope you remember her name for another reason, too–if I decide it’s a not-too-unwise (and not too painful for me to relive) thing to do in a blog, I’ll tell you the story of how Suzanne Clothier rejected Burberry, my beloved Burberry.

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2 Responses to This Is What It Looks Like

  1. Anja says:

    … and look at Clarisse!!!
    “… and they took my puppies away….and then I was at this place with a lot of other dogs and it smelled of fear and was so busy and I was so scared, but there were some very nice people and they told me I was a good girl…. I like to be a good girl…. but I still don’t really know where to poop and pee, cause very often people yell at me and get very upset…… does that happen to you too?”

    I know it will be work in progress for Maureen, but I’m pretty confident that it’s all good for Reesie from here on….

    • cellopets says:

      You’re absolutely right–Clarisse is communicating loud and clear in that photo. The first night I had my Charlotte, I sat with her for hours and found myself crying over her dead puppies. She was so frightened at first, and I still am (and maybe always will be) very careful not to scare her. Just tonight, my cello scared her, but interestingly, once I made a sound from it she was fine. Re. Clarisse, I’m sure it’s all good now. Maureen has a classful of elementary school kids–a little poop and pee won’t faze her one bit.

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