Never Say Never

A couple of minutes ago I got a surprising phone call which pleased me greatly.  Just last night, I wrote on this blog that the only thing I don’t like about my job at the note factory is that it has nothing to do with dogs. 

And darned if my vet didn’t just call, not about my dogs, but about the note factory! 

I haven’t put a call in to his office for several days, and Grace’s teeth cleaning isn’t for more than a week, so I was slightly worried about the reason for his call.  Worried, that is, that he was calling to say that he’d been offered a job in another city and was leaving…

But after we’d discussed putting Grace on proactive antibiotics a few days before her dental surgery, he came out with the real reason for his call, and I love it!  He and his wife, another vet, have just had their first baby.  He was calling to say that his wife’s parents were in town, and this would be their one chance to get out for a ‘date’, and was there a chance I could get tickets for an event at the note factory?  Can you imagine?  I’m thrilled.  We have our opera this week, the one with lots of quick notes I told you about, and I also have the chamber music concerts which inspired me to move my practice area down to dogland last night, and he wants to come to both note fests!  And he and his wife would like to give tickets to her parents, too.   Hmmm…makes me think they all need some time apart from each other…dear, do you think your delightful parents would enjoy going to a very long opera down at the note factory?  😉

Anyway, I’m working on getting them tickets.  I am extremely fond of my vet, and not even just because he is my vet.  Here’s a link to the website for my chamber group, in case you want to listen to what he and his wife will be hearing, more or less:

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One Response to Never Say Never

  1. Maureen says:

    You called it up…I’m telling you. Just like Jerry Lewis and your friend…called it up. Crazy!

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