Dogs Deserve Better Coupons

For today’s, ‘One Tiny Step Per Day’, the section of my blog which offers you daily tips to aid rescue pets, I’m recommending that you help out a wonderful rescue group called, ‘Dogs Deserve Better’.  This particular tiny step, which I learned about from Maureen, Clarisse’s foster mom, is time-sensitive.  Like yesterday’s tiny step, it’s for Valentine’s Day, and I think this one is so important that I’m hoping everyone I know will want to do it, so I’m duplicating my ‘One Tiny Step’ suggestion here. 

Today is Tuesday, January 11th, 2011, and I really hope you will take this particular tiny step to help rescue pets.  Here is a link to information about an annual campaign which seeks to free pets who are chained or penned outdoors in all weathers.

Every year the rescuers at Dogs Deserve Better find pets who have suffered frostbite, or have even frozen and died, during the winter months.  And you probably already know about summer’s dangers; there were several well-publicized deaths of caged dogs this year, dogs left outside in the sun, day after day, with no shade and no water.  Each year, school children make Valentine’s Day cards for these dogs (really, for their owners), and the goal is to mail 17,000 cards this year (last year, 15,000 were mailed).  Every single Valentine’s Day card could save a dog’s life by educating the owner.  Here’s how you can help: Dogs Deserve Better wants your coupons, the ones for dog food and dog treats which you probably have in your humane society bag (hold onto your cat item coupons for now).  Click on the link, and read down it until you find the address to which to send your coupons.  Thank you!  Your coupons could not have been put to a better use.  Here’s that link again:

Of course, you could donate money instead of, or in addition to, sending your coupons.  The link has information about other ways to help, too.  Thank you, Maureen!  I’m very happy to know about this excellent program.

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    🙂 No problem

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