More Breaking News

Do not ask me how, but in some mysterious way, reading, ‘The Truth About Cats And Dogs?’, written mainly by her daughter Laura, has inspired my beloved friend not to foster or adopt a Pug, but instead to write to a Coonhound rescue group!  How…exhilarating…is that?  (I had planned to write, ‘terrifying’, but didn’t want to do any psychological projection…)

Now that I think more about it, it may not have been Laura’s blog which inspired this.  Perhaps it was that dog on her lap in the photo.  Here it is again.  More news later–I have to go produce some notes.  After my beloved friend gets her head examined, perhaps she’ll write here about her decision.  🙂

Has Burberry been an inspiration for me AND for my beloved friend?

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One Response to More Breaking News

  1. mollyweasley says:

    I think it must be the ears. Just look at those floppy ears!

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