My Friend Throws Her Collar Into The Ring

Thanks to the snow, we hear from my Beloved Friend, henceforth to be known as Beloved F, since BF is already taken:
Seeing as we’re completely snowed in here, I guess I don’t really have an excuse for not settling down and writing a little from the perspective of someone firmly straddling the fence of dogdom:

Why do I want a dog?

For the companionship
For the exercise
For the extra incentive to get up in the morning
For the floppy ears
For the (anticipated) unconditional acceptance

Why don’t I want a dog?

Fear of pee and poop in the house
Fear of bringing into our family yet another being who will add to the chaos that we already create, in potentially new and exciting ways that we don’t already do ourselves, like eating shoes and chewing on furniture
Fear the dog will eat our cats
Fear the cats will hurt the dog
Fear of commitment, being tied to home more than we already are, of not being able to go away without first having to figure out where the dog is going to stay
Oh, and Mr. really DOESN’T want any of the poop, the extra chaos, the extra responsibility.

Leaving all that said and unexamined, I’m very excited that it seems I may have found an ideal situation right here IN my town!  I’m going to meet a woman, this afternoon if we can get out on the road, otherwise hopefully later this week, who rescues coonhounds – lots of energy, great big floppy ears!  Some of her rescues spend time in a kennel not very far from my house so there’s a good possibility that I could help her with walking and socializing some of her hounds.  Couldn’t be more perfect, really, if it works out.  Dogs that really NEED the exercise and whose chances of finding their forever homes might actually be increased because of the extra human contact, not very far away.  And no need to turn our house upside down more than it already is, unless, of course, I fall in love with one . . .
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