The Redticks Are Coming! The Redticks Are Coming!

that is me ellie mae with a little people i like that kind

The Song of Ellie Mae (I helped her with this one):

I am a Redtick Coonhound girl, and I’ve got velvet ears.
I’ll love your cats and kids, my friend–just toss out all those fears!
I like to run, but as you know, I’ve had a broken hip.
So I’ll just want to stay with you; I won’t give you the slip.

Letter from Ellie Mae to Beloved Friend, written all by herself:

deer lady who lives in a different place from me,

i herd you is thinking of having a coonhound an’ i is one

a big metal animal that runned really fast hit me an’ i got hurt for a long time

now i is good again an’ i just need a mother an’ some other peoples to love

i like little peoples and little animals, just not ones like the big metal one that made my bones break

a different lady tol’ me she sended a picture an’ a by-o of me to you

i herd somebody say i am pretty an’ i is a good dog

so maybe you will like me an’ you will be my mother

i will love you very much

i will not run away

sincerely, ellie mae, red polka dot coonhound

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