Down And Dirty

When I tell people about my dogs and how we live, I’m often asked, ‘How in the world do you manage all that?’  Today was the first day since I started writing this blog that I don’t know, myself.  I simply don’t know how I got through this dirty day without going down.

This is the second time I’m writing this entry.  The entry I finished a few moments ago was, I thought, my best blog entry ever.  It took me several hours to write, and I think you would have liked it a lot.  When I tried to add a photo to it, it vanished, and I can’t find it anywhere.  It feels really terrible.

And then I went up to take a shower and discovered that there’s no heat coming out of the normal heating system (I didn’t notice because we have the woodstove down here).  The pilot light must have gone out.  It’s still in the high 50s, but…it’s just that kind of day.

So, after thinking about it in the shower, I’ve decided not to attempt to reconstruct the blog entry I liked so much.  Here are the plain facts of this down and dirty day.

At 4:30 this morning, I was awakened by Grace’s ‘fussing’, to discover that she was lying in her diarrhea.  The diarrhea ends up being not too important a part of the story, but it did mean that I’ve done more than twelve loads of laundry from yesterday to today, and cleaned a bunch of other things.

Long story very short–Grace had aspirated some food, because, my vet is almost sure, she has something age-related wrong with her esophagus.  I will write more about it when I can stand not to think of the nice thing I just wrote and lost…

Aspiration pneumonia can be deadly.  I think she’s going to make it, though, with the good things my vet did for her.  She seems so much more comfortable already.

‘Nother long story short–I ‘pulled’ a little dog from a shelter in North Carolina, for a friend of mine here whom I’ll call Talented Artist, or, TA.  Renard would have been killed tomorrow, and, instead, he’s being neutered and will come up on transport on Saturday.

And I met a great person, whom I’ll call Coonhound Woman from now on, through Beloved F.  I wrote a ‘letter of recommendation’ for Beloved F so that she’ll be able to walk Coonhounds through CW’s organization, and CW wrote back with questions about Burberry, my own Coonhound, and I’m delighted to know her.

Almost every second of my day had to do with dogs, but I did make it to the note factory with 15 seconds to spare–way too late, but with the day I had, it was a miracle.

I’m so sorry I lost my blog.  Good night now.

cute North Carolingian, coming soon to a Talented Artist near me

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