Pulling For Grace

Dear friends who know my dog Grace, it’s time to send your best good vibes her way.  In my gut, I feel she’s going to make it this time, but send the vibes anyway, however you like to do that, please.   Here’s a link to what Grace has, and what my vet is worried about is the possibility of aspiration pneumonia associated with this condition: 


3:30 PM:  We’re just back from the vet, and his face lit up when he listened to her lungs!  He said she’s quite a bit better, although there’s a little way to go yet.  We got more meds, and I’m going to try again to feed her a little.  I wish that I had nothing else to do this weekend except watch Grace.  I’m pretty darned stressed.

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2 Responses to Pulling For Grace

  1. Maureen says:

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{GRACE}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Good vibes baby girl!

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