Lookin’ Up

Well, Grace has a lot of roast turkey in her, plus Clavamox, Aminophylline, Rimadyl, and vitamin C!  And she’s had a lovely bath to humidify her bronchial passages and clean the pee pee off her bottom half.  I’ve been forgetting to tell you that, at our last visit, the vet told me that the reason she’s that lovely, rare yellow color on her flanks is because she must have been sitting in peeps and poops for hours or days on end.  So much my for rare yellow dog.  🙂 

But she’s very comfortably ensconced in her clean dry bed now, and the other fuzzy people are similarly snuggly.  And I’ve heard from TA, who was also snuggled cozily with little Renard!  She says that her elderly cat is quite chirked up at having a buddy (OK, for this one, I’m going to allow myself an, ‘I told you so’, since TA will probably never see this, anyway).  Things are going remarkably smoothly from every angle involving Renard’s behavior.  I’ll write more about my concerns later, but suffice it to say that those are about TA’s behavior.  🙂  And her heart is certainly in the right place, so I imagine that I’m worrying needlessly.  She’ll figure it all out.

And maybe one of the Pibble experts I contacted about helping Maureen and Clarisse will get back to me while I’m playing the thousands of notes in today’s three-hour-long opera.

And tonight, it’s the Cello Divas.  All of these things are fun and very interesting, and I’m sure my slight depression is just because having them all happen at once is quite exhausting.   I look forward to being back at my blog after I’ve done all these things.  And then I look forward to being in bed.

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