Black Dog Syndrome For MLK Day

Charlotte, my sweet black dog

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, please read about Black Dog Syndrome (and the same problem exists for cats–maybe even worse, in fact).  Here’s the link:

As I wrote in my, ‘One Tiny Step Per Day’, please don’t think I’m racist for making this comparison. 

It’s been a long, difficult weekend, and I’m tired.  Here’s a quick update on things I’ve written about before.

Grace is most definitely better.  She had another great meal tonight, with all meds given.  And she has started following me around again, and the foul smell from her mouth is gone.  I do wish there were a way to suction out the esophagus…you’d think they would have invented something, by now.  But she’s better, much!

I saw TA, and she couldn’t be more delighted with little Renard.  I have a lot to write about this match-up, but for now, all the news is good.  No, that’s too mild–all the news is great.  I’ve told TA to feel free to change his name (he can’t have known the name Renard, since it was made up by me and one of the shelter workers, to ‘personalize’ him a little better while he was being shared on Facebook), and she’s finding herself thinking of him as Petey.  I think it suits him very well.  We will both have a Petey, that’s all.

I’ve started looking for a dog for my friend from the park.  This is a fun task, but I saw no one just right, tonight.  My computer is very slow, and kept freezing.  I’ll start earlier, tomorrow.

And the best news–a fantastic trainer in town, Pit Bull specialist, has agreed to work with Maureen and Clarisse.  This woman is an Earth mother and a dog goddess, calm and gentle and confidence-inspiring.  Maureen is up for it, which means that maybe there’s a chance Clarisse can stay here in our city, instead of having to go back to where she came from for rehoming.  🙂  Really, that’s wonderful news.  And since there’s no school tomorrow and Maureen will be home, I get to meet Clarisse.  I’m very excited.

And there’s one new story I’ll be following, as they say on television.  As I sat at the computer this evening, I became aware of a brand new drama being enacted in my peripheral vision.  Giovanni was lying against the ottoman near my desk, absolutely motionless–which is a rare thing for him, unless he’s asleep.  He appeared to be in some kind of pleasant trance.  And it was because Jiminy was licking his ear, thoroughly!  It was adorable.  And when they ‘caught’ me watching them, they began to frisk around, doing play bows to each other, and little pounces, and all that cute stuff.  I’ve been noticing that Jim loves Giovanni, but it was subtle until now, and I wasn’t sure it was mutual.  Tonight their buddyhood took a giant leap forward.  Thank goodness Audrey isn’t the jealous type.  When I began laughing delightedly and she understood why, her only response was to come to me and lick me all over my laughing face.  Because of these things and others, it was a very nice dog night to come home to.

OK, crazy weekend, you are history!  Notes, I played you all and I did it the best I could, so don’t haunt me.  I have no more notes to play until Tuesday, so I will allow myself a Monday full of dogs!

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One Response to Black Dog Syndrome For MLK Day

  1. Maureen says:

    She called and is coming over tomorrow night! I am so excited!!!

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