A Charmed Day

Today, all obstacles were jumpable.

As I wrote in, ‘Too Good, But Not Too Good To Be True’, everything dog simply went right today.  Here’s the continuation of that blog entry.

I called the vet, to ask if I was in any danger from having accidentally eaten one of Grace’s Rimadyl tablets (I was getting vitamin C tabs for both of us, and thinking very hard about Beloved Daughter’s valentines).  The vet on duty didn’t know about the Rimadyl, but while I had the office on the phone I took the chance to schedule Grace’s dental surgery.  And the fact that that was possible now brought it home to me that Grace has made a full recovery, and we did ward off aspiration pneumonia.  That was worth an ingested Rimadyl, for sure.

Then I talked again to Beloved F, and learned that she has smoothed the way for Mazy to step into her place in the Beloved home.  (These people, I’ve decided, will be known as the Beloved family.  There’s Beloved F(riend), Beloved H(usband), Beloved D(aughter), and Beloved S(on).  And soon, there will be Beloved Mazy, to be known, simply, as Mazy.  😉

Beloved F has somehow spoken so compellingly about wanting to foster (andmaybeadoptbutletsnotpushourluckhereyet) a dog that Beloved H, the swing vote, has gone over to her side.  Rooms are being readied!  Online articles are, no doubt, being studied!  All kinds of veterinary details are being absorbed!  Children are, possibly, bouncing off walls!

And the admirable woman near the Beloved family, the one who rescues Coonhounds, has been gracious and helpful, and has offered to instruct Beloved F in the ways of dog walking, starting immediately.  This is all so wonderful…

I would say that I’m ecstatic, but it’s not the right word, and I can’t find a better one.  I have a sense of very deep satisfaction, a feeling that this was preordained, and that we’re fulfilling our destinies and playing our parts, just as they were supposed to be played.

Later in the day, I heard about what the vet had learned at Mazy’s visit.  Mazy’s got a number of small complaints, several of which must have been making her quite uncomfortable, and the fact that Beloved F is freeing her from all of that fills me with even more joy than if I were doing it myself. 

By then, I was feeling almost giddy from all of this day’s good news, and I laughed out loud when I got a written message from Beloved F saying that Mazy had one more kind of worms she’d forgotten to include in the earlier list–wheatworms, maybe.  Oh, no, the dreaded wheatworm!  😉  I’m sure it was just good ol’ common whipworm, spoken in the lovely Southern drawl I wrote about before.  Mazy will be just fine, and everything we’ve learned about her lately foretells that she’ll be a perfect dog for the Beloveds.  Here she is, again:

Mazy, soon to be one of the Beloveds

At some point between these correspondences, I learned that Maureen had had a wonderful weekend with Clarisse and the rest of the pack, humans and canines both, and no longer felt that it was urgent that she rehome Clarisse.  I have high hopes that, if they can just focus on jumping one obstacle at a time, all will end up very well there.  And that would make me very happy, because Clarisse appears to love Maureen, after a month or so, more than some dogs seem to love their owners after years.  She’s a bonder, that Clarisse.  And a keeper, I think.

And there was more.  Over the weekend, one of Maureen’s friends adopted a dog named Rosco, from the same shelter where Sawyere is.  This woman wrote slightly desperately on Facebook on Saturday, worried that Rosco wanted to eat her cats, worried that her other dog wanted to eat Rosco–something like that.  😉  Maureen and I offered to help and our offer was accepted, and we expected to be driving out to her house, about 45 minutes away, to help her work things out.  But we never got the call, and this morning, the woman’s Facebook status, loaded with little hearts made like this <3, declared that she was delighted with her dogs, and wished she could stay home all day and just be with them.  Ahhh.  Very nice reading, that. 

And, speaking of dog delight, TA is positively glowing with love for Rupert.  Her telephone voice is completely different, even.  It’s got a smile in it now.  She caught me up to date on Rupert’s outings and his outfits, his new friends and his new foods.  And she promised to ask a friend to help her take some new photos of him, for publication here.  Rescuing Rupert was a very good thing.  TA is now writing lists of ideas for fundraising for pet rescue organizations.  And as she’s a super-creative person and a very Talented Artist, I have no doubt that she’ll come up with some great ideas.   

As if all this weren’t enough, and on top of the fact that every one of my dogs and cats is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as my Dad used to say, there was wonderful progress on Sawyere today.  I think the Sawyere news will require its own blog entry, in fact.  And since Grace is barking behind me, and I’d like to pop her into a warm bath for a little hydrotherapy (I want to get her into the best health possible for her dental surgery), I’ll say good night now.

Tomorrow, ‘Sawyere, Wearer Of Many Hats’!

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