Too Good, But Not Too Good To Be True

the deadline for sending Valentine's Day cards to the site below is February 5th

Today it was one bit of excellent dog news after another, and this has given me fresh hope.  I’m reminded that, even though I may be in over my head, I’ve always loved deep water.  😉

The day started with an update from Mia’s ‘mother’.  Not only is Mia still alive, but she is getting steadily stronger and more active, and although she’s still one sick pup, I can’t help but feel optimistic (and neither could anyone else writing on the ‘thread’, apparently).  Here’s a picture:

Mia, out of the vet hospital by now. May this surgery repair really 'take'. Heal, Mia, heal!

I can’t remember if I’ve actually written in this blog what was originally ‘wrong’ with Mia.  She was born with a cleft palate, and it was suggested, at her birth, that she be euthanized.  Instead, my friend has done everything possible to maintain an excellent quality of life for her, feeding her by hand every few hours, around the clock, for many months.  The vets needed Mia to weigh at least one pound–16 ounces!–before they’d attempt surgery.  The first surgery was initially successful, but then came a break in the ‘repair’.  There isn’t much ‘material’ to work with, in a one pound puppy, but the vets took some of Mia’s cheek and repaired the break.  It didn’t hold for long, this time.  Again, they made a repair.  And it was after this repair that Mia went into the hospital and wasn’t expected to live.

But there she is, home again, and improving!  And my friend must have a renewed faith in good, old-fashioned TLC, since it was her instinct that Mia didn’t have enough food (which, in this case, is liquid going to a feeding tube) which may have saved her life.  I doubt, really, that my friend ever actually lost faith in TLC, but all of us, when faced with lots of complicated medical details and jargon, tend to think that what we know can’t be as valuable. 

My little dog Giovanni gets groomed at the same place where my friend does adoptions for her rescue organization, and I’ve put off having Giopet groomed until we can visit Mia there.  It’s a little tough, because he’s starting to look like a small gray sheep.  🙂  And I know it’s foolishly superstitious.  But I’m gonna stick to it.  Hang in there, Mia girlfriend.  A lot of people are sending you love, prayers, and wishes.

The next great thing happened almost immediately.  I called Beloved F to check on Mazy, and actually, at that time of the morning there was no news yet (more about Mazy in a minute), but there was something else wonderful.  Beloved F told me that she’d found two or three handmade Valentine’s Day cards, written to dogs and decorated with pawprints.  They’d been made by her twelve-year-old daughter. 

I was puzzled, for a second, because I hadn’t realized that Beloved F had told Beloved Daughter 🙂 that Mazy was coming (and it turned out that she hadn’t, yet).  Then I suddenly realized the truth of those Valentine’s Day cards, and I was stunned, in a very positive way.  Because the suggestion to make them had come from a page on this blog, the page called, “One Tiny Step Per Day”.  

I can’t say how moved I am by the fact that Beloved Daughter, all on her own, was inspired by me to become involved in dog rescue.  I don’t like saying that I had any part in it–it seems like such an important thing she’s done that I hate to claim any of it for me.  And yet, there’s really no other explanation for those cards she made. 

Every day I add a suggestion to that page, and I always feel slightly foolish.  I figured that no one was even reading it, except to take an initial look to see what it’s about.  But now I realize that I shouldn’t have been too surprised, because, out of the blue one day, Beloved Daughter sent me an instant message asking if I’d heard of such-and-such site, where you can click on something and send free food to shelter dogs.  I hadn’t heard of it, and I thanked her sincerely and told her I was proud of her.  And I put a link to her site in the next day’s Tiny Steps.  I am so happy that she must have seen that, and known that she’d taken a giant step just by telling me about it.  Here are links to both the sites, the one for the awesome project soliciting valentines for chained dogs, and the one providing free kibble:

Still in slight disbelief that this blog could have influenced anyone to do anything, I poured another cup of coffee and came down to check on more of the daily Facebook news.  And then I saw the day’s next lovely surprise.

Another friend, a gifted music teacher I know from our state’s student string music camp, is collecting blankets and towels for her local pet shelter, along with her husband, and she posted that it was because of what I’d written here!  I had to believe now that my blog was making a difference.  And I kept reading down the thread, and saw that many of the couple’s friends were chipping in enthusiastically, offering towels and blankets and referrals to other sources.  Amazing…

I am so very happy about this, and about Beloved F’s daughter’s cards, that I can’t find the right words, and don’t, actually, even feel a need to write about it.  I just want to let you know that you can do it, too.  I never knew it would be so easy.  I feel blessed.

Well, there’s more good news.  But this entry is already quite long, and so I’ll stop here and tell you the rest in, ‘A Charmed Day’.

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