Giovanni, Fetishist Schnoodle

I have an important note production run coming up, and, between that, the dog activities, and the preparations for Thundersnow 2011, I again don’t have the energy I’ll need to explain, ‘The Sawyere Project’, in all its win/win/win intricate glory.  Also, tomorrow there may be news on the Sawyere front.  So tonight I’ll write about something–no, someone–light and cheerful and amusing.  Giovanni, Schnoodle (or small gray sheep).

Got a towel for me? Some nice Tupperware? A Tale of Two Cities?

Giovanni is a young dog, not even two, as bright-eyed and spunky as any dog I’ve ever loved.  He’s full of tricks and antics, and the way he plays is absolutely delightful.  Even the owner who surrendered him to our big local shelter, in answer to, ‘What do you like most about your pet?’, wrote, ‘he plays so much.’  He/she also left blank the spot where one is supposed to write the things which aren’t so good.  Really, his only slightly difficult habit is the shrieky barking with which he announces human ingress and egress around here.  In every other way, he’s a little package of delightfulness.

Giovanni has three fetishes:  magazines and other similar bound papers; towels and blankets; and dog bowls.  As I read back that list, I realized that he might be collecting to donate to a shelter!  Consider:  he’s doing the best he can for the newspapers, since I rarely read ours, and most of what I do read is glossy stuff, and he’s totally nailed the towels and blankets and dog bowls.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize he’s even trying harder for the right kind of paper than I give him credit for.  Given a choice, he’d much rather swipe a book than a shiny magazine or catalog. 

This is going to make me look at his pranks in an even kinder light.  Although I realize it’s all just in my head, it’s a little too cute an idea for me to throw away.  🙂

Since I’ve had Giovanni, no books nor magazines or catalogs are safe.  I love to read in bed, and I have to remove any precious reading material from the room each morning.  A couple of times, I’ve forgotten, and come home to find that he’s eaten part of the murder mystery I was really looking forward to finishing.  But in every case, I’ve been very lucky, and he’s ripped up the part of the book I’ve already read, allowing me to learn whodunit.

Actually, Giovanni does not eat the books.  Rather, he shreds ’em, and strews the pieces all over the backyard.  I suppose I should be grateful for that.

I’ve given up trying to blanket-and-towel-proof our suite.  We need to have cozy fabrics at the ready, after all.  So when I see him dragging another blanket through the dog door to the yard, I make a mental note to search for it, later.  If I make the mistake of going after him, I’ve involved myself in a long, fast game of keepaway.  To be honest, in good weather, I do play it with him, and I’ll bet that I accidentally taught this game to him, early on.  Right now there’s a little too much snow for me to be able to keep up with him, but if I so much as show my interest in his current textile, he and Audrey, Sadie and Charlotte, Petey and Simo and Burberry–and even Jimmy, sometimes!–begin cavorting madly around the yard.  Annie sticks to her regular runs around the perimeter–and, even in the snow, she loves to be chased–and Grace probably won’t be doing any scampering until spring, if then.  If I want to avoid a big backyard rumble, I sneak out there when the dogs are sleepy, scouting for towels in the snow.  We may get as much as two feet, tonight and tomorrow, and I’ve tried to bring in as many of my towel stragglers as I could find.  

Giovanni’s funniest fetish is the food bowls.  After the dogs eat, and sometimes before, Giovanni carries every bowl he can get his teeth around, from our suite to the yard.  What’s his motivation?  If he brought the bowl to me, before a meal, for instance, I’d know what he meant.  For now, I’m stumped.  Does he need more toys, do you think?  I do give them quite a few toys, but they’re the soft kind, stuffed.  Maybe he just likes the mouthfeel of plastic.  I’ve noticed that he seems to prefer plastic over pottery or metal, and maybe it’s not just that it’s lighter to carry. 

So that’s my little scamp.  Never a dull moment with Giovanni.  

Den Mother thinks he's homely--no way!

But right now, a dull moment (or many thousands of them) is just what I need.  Tomorrow it really will be Sawyere day, and quite appropriately too, since he’s a bit of canine thundersnow.  😉

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