Punxsudoggy Phil

Today is Groundhog’s Day.  I don’t think anyone will see a shadow of anything today, not around here, anyway.  What we see is snow, and we’re told that there’ll be lots more of it, before long.  Since many of us will be having a snow day, I want to invite you to do a little project which does a lot of good. 

Please go to the section of this blog called, ‘One Tiny Step Per Day’, and find today’s date.  There’s a link to information about a very special campaign, dedicated to educating owners about the risks of chaining or penning a dog outdoors.  The organization sponsoring it, ‘Dogs Deserve Better’, sent out 15,000 Valentine’s Day cards last year, and hopes to send 17,000 in 2011.  Please, won’t you help?  You can make a valentine, or send pet food/treat coupons, or donate money. 

Punxsutawney Phil won’t see his shadow today, which means we might have an early spring.  But since he’s right only about 39% of the time, why not guarantee yourself a little ‘spring’ in your heart by sending a valentine?  Spread some of your own sunshine today, by helping unchain a dog.

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