Inspiration Mazy; Operation Heartworm

While I was cooking the dogs’ breakfast, I was thinking about Mazy, who’s being treated for heartworm before she comes north, and I got what I think might be an inspired idea.  I think I’m going to offer it up to other rescuers, and see if they think it could fly.  I have nothing to lose but a ‘no’ answer.

Here’s what I was thinking.  Beloved F told me that the woman from Mazy’s rescue organization who’s been taking her for her vet visits told Beloved F that she should assume that any dog from the South has heartworm.  I hadn’t known that it was quite that bad, but I have no trouble believing it. 

I’ve wondered all year, since learning about heartworm through my southern dog Charlotte, why up here, where we’ve had virtually no heartworm until we began importing southern dogs, we all use heartworm preventive, whereas down there, where there’s a true epidemic, hardly anyone uses it.  I’m still wondering…I’m sorry to say it, but I think there’s a whole different standard of care, in certain areas of the country.  I’m not talking about the rescue groups–everyone in rescue knows about heartworm preventive, no matter where they are, I think.

I thought of how inexpensive vet care is down South, in general and specifically when speaking of heartworm, compared to up here.  Of course I don’t mean at every single vet’s office, either there or here.  I’m speaking of the overall situation.  I found myself wishing I could get my heartworm meds from a vet down South, much as I love my vet, MVDVM.  😉  And then I thought, what about if each of us here who wanted to buy cheaper heartworm meds did a kind of exchange with a rescue down there?: 

I sponsor one of the dogs in your rescue for his/her heartworm meds or treatment, in exchange for which you buy me the preventive meds for my dog, and mail them to me? 

I would pay above and beyond for my dog’s meds (my benefit being simply the lower cost, especially when the rescue discount is factored in), and you, as a thank you for going to the trouble of shopping for my dog’s meds, would receive a donation of medicine to your rescue. 

Does this make sense?  Does it sound interesting?  Is it legal?  I’m thinking that, if it really got off the ground, it could end up lowering heartworm medicine costs in general.  Please let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to Inspiration Mazy; Operation Heartworm

  1. Anja says:

    It basically sounds like a good idea, but since you need a prescription from your vet I don’t think a rescue would legally be able to dispense the meds to others.
    I’d also worry about the people that are not as conscientious as you and would give the meds without making sure the dog doesn’t already have heart-worms.
    Also some dogs have reactions…. one of the Dog Liberator rescues recently starting having seizures and it turned out it was the HW preventative. Not Interceptor…. I guess that one is safer.
    Good idea, though! Maybe it could be used for non-prescription items!

    • cellopets says:

      Hmm…that’s a very good point, Anja, and I wonder whether a vet would mind giving a prescription under those conditions. I know that my vet doesn’t mind giving them to places like PetMeds. Very good question to ask him–thanks! I also need to catch up on the whole heartworm thing–it seems to have changed radically in the last year. There’s fast kill, slow kill, and two different drugs–maybe more. Re. the seizures, there’s a drug that Collies react very badly to–is it ivermectin? Was the dog a Collie? Wow, that’s something specific that people need to know, isn’t it?

      • Anja says:

        Yes, Collie. But, I think he reacted to the Heart-Guard. The Interceptor with ivermectin seems to be fine… but don’t quote me on that!!
        Check your fb-profile! I tagged you in a video TDL did about HW-postive dogs! You have to see it!

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