Shower Confirmation

In the shower just now I was thinking about ‘training’, aggression, and Sadie’s improvement, and I became convinced that something I’ve thought before deserves to be etched in stone (I hope I’m right).

It’s this:  my question about whether Tellington T Touch is for long term therapeutic use or can also be used for a quick ‘training’ reward is really a non-issue.  Because all of what we call ‘dog training’, everything that happens between the dog and the trainer, should be therapeutic, in my opinion.  Every interaction I have with a dog is simply part of our relationship.  Someone who signs up for a dog ‘obedience’ class (hate that word) because he sees his relationship to the dog as one of, ‘my wish is your command’, is missing out on a chance to participate in one of life’s most potentially wonderful relationships.

Obedience shouldn’t be an ‘end’ in itself.  It’s one of the means to the end, that’s all.

OK, time to teach someone a more efficient way to manufacture notes.  🙂

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