Beloved F: On Her Feet And Running

Chloe is a very sweet girl with lots of personality. She’s about 3 and weighs 57 lbs. Chloe was so happy when she went to the vets to be spayed that she greeted everyone in the waiting room and did a little happy dance! Maybe she was happy to be out of the shelter and on her way to a new life. Chloe’s transporter thinks she is such a great dog he’s ready to keep her himself – but he already has several dogs so Chloe will have to move on. Will your home be her next stop ?

The above is Chloe’s listing on Petfinder, and it seems that she may have found her home without too much trouble.  Chloe’s an English Coonhound, and a very lovable dog, from all reports.  In addition to all her fine qualities, there’s something about her which makes me want to remember her always.  She was the first dog Beloved F got to know in her new capacity as a ‘dog person’.

Who is this ‘dog person’?  I really don’t know if I can define it, but all dog people know them when they see them.  There’s a reference in P.G. Wodehouse to a ‘dog girl’.  Another girl, if I’m remembering rightly, is afraid that she’s going to be ‘cut out’ by a dog girl–she likes a guy, but she thinks he likes the dog girl, and the first girl feels really threatened, apparently being of the opinion that any guy would prefer a dog girl.  It turns out that it’s not true, what she fears.  And anyway, the dog girl is interested only in her dogs–I think I remember that she was showing an interest in the guy because she thought he might be able to procure for her an Irish Water Spaniel.  Anyway, P.G. Wodehouse, a big dog lover himself, clearly knew what a dog girl is, and thought everyone else would know, too.  And everyone does know, even if we can’t put it into words.

I’ve thought ever since I’ve known her that Beloved F has all the makings of a dog girl, and about a hundred times a day, I feel quietly elated that she’s taken the plunge.  Everything she writes and tells me about her activities leads me to think that she’s going to be a really wonderful dog person–even better than I’d ever envisioned.  And I think her learning curve will be so much steeper than my own.

To prepare for her first walk alone with Chloe (before that, Admirable Coonhound Rescuer had had a session with them), she went out and bought an excellent leash and superior quality training treats, having researched both purchases.  She immediately began ‘training’ Chloe, forming a bond between the two of them.  Do I think this helped Chloe get adopted so fast?  I think it’s quite likely.  Maybe, because Chloe was already an attractive dog, both physically and behaviorally, it’s not as obvious as it would be in the case of other, more difficult dogs.  But every good interaction a shelter dog has, gets him or her that much closer to finding a home (I wrote about it in, ‘The Golden Fleece’). 

And now, in addition to walking with (and today, jogging with) Chloe, Beloved F has added walks with Joe, a dog who we think may never have formed a close bond with a human.  He appears not to realize the exciting opportunities to be found through interactions with a loving person.  But Beloved F has such good dog sense that she wasn’t disappointed in any way with him, and merely noted that it was good progress for a dog like Joe when he actually understood that she was offering him a treat on purpose–that it hadn’t just appeared there by magic.  Poor Joe, having never been offered a treat…how can it be?, you think, but there’s so much worse than that to be found out there.

Joe, with his current lack of connection to the person on the other end of the leash, isn’t easy to walk.  But Beloved F didn’t despair, despite the fact that she’s been walking dogs for less than a week.  She simply did her best with the treats for a little while, and then philosophized that tomorrow would be another chance to try.  All I can say is, if Beloved F doesn’t want to call herself a dog girl yet because she hasn’t put in the hours, I’ll do it for her. 

Right now, all is good.  My dogs and cats are all healthy and happy.  Beloved F is truly on her feet and running.  Talented Artist is besotted with Rupert, and they have their first vet visit–with MVDVM!–on Wednesday, the same day Grace will finally have her dental surgery and cyst removal.  Maureen is loving Clarisse, who’s learning how to play with brother Max without literally twisting his arms.  And it seems–just waiting for final confirmation–that I’ll be picking up Sawyere on Saturday, five days from now. 

There will be a lot to write about that.  So I’ll grab a break now and gear up!

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