More About T Touch

I’ve been trying to do Tellington T Touch on my dogs, on and off all day, and I can now give a better description of how their energy changes when I do it, I think.

First of all, let me start by saying that every single dog of mine likes it.  It seems to me that the dogs who’ve probably had the smallest amount of loving human contact like it the most of all, but I’m still trying to see if I can confirm that, at least to my own satisfaction.

Here’s what popped into my head when I was doing it on Sadie this afternoon.  She’s no longer at all nervous about it, and likes it without reservation now.  She got totally still and…focused.  All of a sudden,  I thought, ‘E.T. phone home’!  Sadie was like someone from another planet who has just received word through her magical earpiece that a message would be coming from the mother ship, so she needed to stay by her magical fax machine and be ready to receive it.  I swear.

What in the world is it about drawing imaginary circles on a dog that has such a powerful influence?  This is (ab)solutely (fasc)inating.  Here you go, watch some T Touch being done:  Now I know that I should press a little bit harder.

Here’s another ab fasc thing, that happened less than a minute ago.  Sadie came over to me and jumped up to initiate play with me (this is already such a victory for us…)  I wiggled my head and nuzzled her face with mine and said how good she was, in a goofy voice.  Charlotte came over to see what the fun was, and Sadie got down to greet her.  Charlotte growled a little, which doesn’t mean much, coming from her, really–she uses growls as just another vocalization.  But Sadie doesn’t quite understand that, and, for a brief second, she considered biting Charlotte.  ‘It’s OK, Sadie, no bites, Charlotte’s just playing’, I said.  I don’t know if she paid any attention to that or not–sometimes I think she does, and sometimes I think she doesn’t–but in any case, she stopped paying attention to Charlotte, and proactively walked right over to Burberry, who was about to come over and possibly manage the interaction, and licked Burberry’s muzzle, something she’s begun to do more and more frequently.  I swear to you, she was going over to say to Burberry, ‘It’s OK, mentor, I did this one all by myself and made the right choice, so you can go back off duty’.  And then she went back and played with Charlotte, and right this sec she’s participating in a group chew on Giovanni, who’s lovin’ it (and he just had a lovely bath and trim, so he’s in seventh heaven).

Ooh, there is nowhere better than here.

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2 Responses to More About T Touch

  1. Anja says:

    Ingrid, there is so much more we need to discuss on this subject, but have YOU ever had a therapeutic massage?
    If so… have you heard of Thai-Massage?
    As a Massage Therapist, I no longer TOUCH superficial. It doesn’t matter if it is a human client, my dog, or if I am grooming a horse.
    Deb D. of Amsterdog is a Massage Therapist, but she focuses on Energy-work.
    Touch, is extremely powerful. In order to fulfill it’s therapeutic potential however, it has to be skilled and intentional.
    Looking forward to talking on the phone and getting into the deep on this subject!!!!

    Anja and her furry ones : )

  2. Anja says:

    Not sure how to guest-write on your blog, so I’ll just leave a comment here if that is ok?
    My first memory if Linda Tellington-Jones is of a column she used to have in the equine magazine “Freizeit im Sattel”. People would send in 2 head-shots of their horse, front and profile…. and Linda would describe that horses personality.
    She always nailed it!
    Then she had a section of the magazine where she would work with problem-horses. She is a very smart and intuitive lady!
    Oh, I would say that first memory of her must have been almost 30 years ago.

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