Rupert Knows Love

Rupe Topham

I just received some photos in an email, and they really got my day off to an excellent start. 

Talented Artist is so delighted to have Rupert (formerly Renard), and, I would say from these pictures, it’s mutual.  He’s filled out, and he looks bright-eyed and glossy.  Today is his first vet visit with MVDVM, an appointment made just to ‘get him on the books’ in case of emergency, since he was fully vetted in North Carolina.  Rupert’s rescue, from start to finish (I’ll call today the finish, because I’d like to treat Rupert to this first vet visit and then officially turn over his ‘ownership’ to TA), has been a source of joy for Rupert, for TA, and for me.  I’m very grateful that my first rescue for a friend was perfect, because I imagine things rarely go so smoothly.  Woo hoo!

Today is also the day when Grace will have the large cyst on her tail removed and biopsied, and her teeth cleaned.  She’ll have at least one extraction–one of her canines (I think that’s the name for the big pointy tooth) is completely decayed.  I’m always very nervous on these days, especially when it’s an old dog I’m taking in.  But her pre-op bloodwork was just fine, so I’ll try to keep busy and not worry.

And maybe I’ll be picking her up when TA and Rupert are there for their appointment, and can see him in person.  For now, heeeeeerrrrre’s Rupert!

TA and Rupert

Well, it’s later in the day, and both Rupert and Grace had excellent vet experiences.  Grace wasn’t ready to go home quite early enough for us to see TA and Rupe at MVDVM’s office, but I heard from him that all in the art world which TA and Rupert inhabit is okey dokey.  And Grace actually seems livelier today than she ever has, honestly!  MVDVM said that she came out of the anesthesia surprisingly well, and the cyst on her tail didn’t even need to be removed, because it’s ‘100%’ better and isn’t causing her any problems.  Possibly her teeth were causing her enough discomfort that she feels better already?  She just ‘ate hearty’, a medium-sized dinner (don’t want to push our luck) of dry food with brown rice, chicken livers, and peas.

I’m very thankful that everything went smoothly today.  I have a great deal to do to get things ready for Sawyere, and I’m going to start right after I take a peek at TA’s website.  I realized that a little metal dog brooch which I’ve had for years would be a wonderful thing for her to work her color magic on, because my brooch is the exact shape of Rupert!  Here’s the link:

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