Rupert Topham: Before And After

Honestly, I’m doing this blog entry to give me courage for what I’m about to start.  Or, looked at another way, I’m procrastinating.  😉

Rupert wasn’t in terrible shape when I rescued him for my friend TA.  So many dogs are so much worse off.  But I’m curious to see a comparison of two photos of him.  Here he is when he had no name (the shelter worker and I made up a name–Renard–for him, to try to make him more attractive to potential adopters, after I’d paid his sponsorship money, but before I had the idea that he’d be perfect for TA):

Another no-name dog on death row in North Carolina...

and here he is as Rupert, beloved companion of TA and mascot to her whole group of friends in New York state:

...finds a lap and a home and a mom and a cat to call his own.

Here’s a link to one-of-a-kind jewelry made by a woman who’s been rescuing animals off our city’s streets since she was about as old as Rupert, in people years:

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