Key Players: Donna and Judy

Donna is the person who was with Sawyere in the very beginning, and she’ll stay with him until he’s adopted, and, quite likely, even beyond.  Sawyere was a stray, so nothing is known about him before the time he was brought in to the Elmore S.P.C.A. in Plattsburgh, NY.  So, to all intents and purposes, in the minds of all the people you’ll read about here, Sawyere was ‘born’ once he arrived at Elmore.

Of course, all of us are theorizing about what his life pre-Elmore might have been like, and there are clues.  His sensitivity to having his head and neck touched is a clue, for instance, and the one which gets talked about most often.

Donna lives in Canada.  She has never been to the Elmore shelter in person, although she ‘knows’ the people who work there and thinks of them as friends.  Donna donates her time to take the information given to her about the dogs at Elmore and share it on Facebook.  She’s a poster, and a poster extraordinaire, and I’m not just saying that because she’s going to read this.  🙂  It’s true.  The main reason I couldn’t get Sawyere out of my mind is because of the excellent job Donna did posting him.  Each time one of her posts about Sawyere came across my desk, I crossposted it, hoping that he’d be adopted so that I could stop worrying about him.  And when that didn’t happen, I felt anguish at the thought of this human who had been trying so hard to save his life, but who’d finally had to admit defeat.  I didn’t know her yet, but I felt for her.  She’s a huge part of why I decided to help Sawyere. 

Donna also does the postings for a whole other shelter, one in Ohio where they are still using a gas chamber.  (You’ll be hearing more about this shelter and its excellent director, Marty, another powerhouse of a rescuer.)  Donna works for hours each day, sharing the dogs from both these shelters, for no money and no other reward, except for the satisfaction of knowing she has helped save a life.  She’s the crème de la crème of the dog posters on Facebook.

And then there’s Judy, the Vice President of the board of directors at the Elmore S.P.C.A.  Although they’ve never met in person, Donna thinks of Judy as her best friend, and they are one hell of a team.  Both women are willing to do anything to save the dogs they feel responsible for, and they’re extremely easy to work with, which is not always the case in rescue.  It’s Judy who will be foregoing a shelter adoption event to drive Sawyere to me, two days from now.  Now that’s the kind of person a shelter wants on its board.  I’m very much looking forward to meeting her.

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