Key Players: LuAnn

If you remember my blog entry called, ‘Wise Words’, then you already know LuAnn.  She was my mentor while I was being trained to walk dogs and write their descriptions at our big local shelter.  LuAnn is a fantastic dog person, and I’m over-the-moon happy, because not only will she be one of Sawyere’s support team, but tonight she agreed to be our team leader.  She knows the most of any of us about kennel procedures, from her years at the shelter, and her teaching style is just wonderful.  Here’s a link to ‘Wise Words’, to remind you of LuAnn:

LuAnn has generously agreed that she will be taught the procedures we’ll need to follow for Sawyere’s everyday care (not his training protocol, in other words, but his daily life protocol) by the staff at the canine center where he’ll be living, and she will teach it to us.  That’s the way the canine center prefers to work this, and it’s a very efficient way of accomplishing what we need to do.  I admit that I was concerned that I’d never find a time when all members of Sawyere’s support team could assemble in one place, before the time when we needed to begin caring for him, and this has completely solved the problem.

There is a chance I’ll have to learn the protocol right away, too, since the way the schedule may play out means that LuAnn may not be available to care for Sawyere for his first few days, and so I may need the knowledge first.  So it’s possible that LuAnn and I will have to go together, to that first training.  Whenever it happens, I’m looking forward to seeing his new digs.  I’ve been reading about his ‘dorm’, and I’m really impressed with the care which he’ll receive there.  The dogs have many more opportunities, not only for potty breaks and meals, but for play time and socialization, than is usual at many boarding facilities.  Here’s a link to the outstanding place where Sawyere will be living while he attends behavior college:

I’m feeling very lucky tonight, to have had a ‘yes’ response from every single person I’ve asked to help with Sawyere’s care.  They weren’t lukewarm, grudging yesses, either, but wholehearted votes to ‘give it all they’ve got’ to help Sawyere.  Since Sawyere’s dorm is 35 to 40 minutes away from where we all live, it’s remarkable that I got that kind of response.  I am very proud to call these people friends, and you’ll be reading about all of them. 

Team Leader LuAnn.  She can teach, and on top of that, she’s willing to learn.  She’s truly excited to meet Sawyere.  We can trust her.  He can trust her.

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