Key Players: Me

Most of this, you already know.  I’m the one who offered to pay for Sawyere’s rehabilitation.  This was a big thing for me to do, and I’ve explained why it was important to me.  Ironically, one of the things that made me feel that this was a good way for me to help Sawyere was that I reasoned, ‘Well, donating his training fee won’t take any time on your part, and no travel, and you won’t have any hands-on duties involving Sawyere, so this will be easy’. 

As it has turned out, I’m driving to get him on Saturday; I’m driving I don’t know how many times a week to help with his daily care–I’ll be feeding him and, I think, exercising him; I’m in charge of a six-person Sawyere support staff, and I’m helping with his training costs.  And he may bite me.  What does this remind you of?  

Yes, that’s right.  Raising a teenager.

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