Dog Rescue To-Do List

Before I sink down into bed tonight with the rest of the pack, I need to get these things off my mind and on ‘paper’.

Mapquest directions for the section of the airport where Ron will be landing.  Call Miguel and give him that info.  Call Marty to ask how much Gunner and Montrose weigh, so I can choose crates for them from my stash.  Remind Judy to choose crates for them from her stash, so that everyone involved gets to go home with his or her crates.  Clean out car (ugh).  Check fluids and tire pressure.  Choose meeting location with Judy, and mapquest it.  Pack drinking water for me and the dogs, the makings of a meal for three dogs, bowls, treats, and poop bags.  Cook really good ‘stew’ for my own dogs, so that care of them runs even more smoothly while I’m occupied with Sawyere, Gunner, and Montrose.  I’ve already cleaned all the litter boxes. 

I’ll add to this, I’m sure, several times before Saturday.  If anyone reading this thinks of things I’ve forgotten, please comment.

I thought of something already.  Clear space on camera and pack it–Donna wants pictures of all the dog handovers.

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