Key Players: Miguel

Miguel’s a man after my own heart.  He’s the father of one of my cello students, a little boy I’m extremely fond of.  I love the little guy’s littler brother, too, and their mom.  And I love their dogs, Max and Jack.  Jack was the first dog I ever rescued for someone else, and I won’t be surprised if his ‘placement’ with Miguel’s family turns out to be the best foster experience I ever have.

It was early spring of last year, and I was looking at the postings of dogs on Facebook one night, crossposting as I went.  On the page of a shelter in Kentucky, I read that all but five of the dogs were ‘safe’ that night, safe from euthanasia.  I looked at the picture–there were three herding mix siblings, a beautiful lanky red Hound mix, and a sweet-faced Shepherd, Lab, or Hound mix.  I shared them on my page. 

A little while later, I checked on them, and saw that the three siblings were going to a herding rescue.  Great!  I didn’t care for the idea, though, that the other two were still there.  I began thinking…

I loved the look of the red Hound.  I thought she was a Redbone Coonhound (I no longer think so–I believe she’s a Viszla or Rhodesian Ridgeback mix), and I’d fallen in love with Coonhounds, through Burberry.  She was standing up in her cage, desperate to get to the person with the camera, with such a loving smile and gentle eyes.  It took me a few minutes to think this one out…two or three…

‘Audrey!  That’s what I’ll name her!’, and that was that.  She’s my Audrey.

Audrey, formerly of Kentucky,

But what about the other adorable guy?  I couldn’t leave him behind.  More thinking…

I’d already made noises in Miguel’s direction about how much fun it would be to adopt a playmate for Max.  I’d talked to his wife, too, and the boys, and I knew the whole family was willing.  I looked at the other dog in his cage at the Kentucky shelter.  Young, sturdy, sweet, smart, playful, gentle–he was the perfect dog for a family with little boys.  Done!  He’d be Jack.  An inner voice told me that Miguel’s family would love him.  And so it proved.  The first time Miguel laid eyes on Jack, completely unaware that I had an agenda, he exclaimed, ‘Man, what a beautiful dog!’  From start to finish, everything about my rescue of Audrey and Jack was smooth, easy, and happy.

and her road trip pal, Jack

A wonderful woman coordinated it from Facebook, a rescuer familiar with how the Kentucky shelter operated, although she herself was in a different state.  She set me up with vetting for the two dogs, boarding, and transport, all the way to a thruway rest stop quite near me.  Since then, I’ve learned how rarely it is that a rescue goes as smoothly as that one did, and I’ll always be grateful to her. 

So Jack lives as a loved member of Miguel’s family, and now Miguel takes another big step into the world of dog rescue.  It’s Miguel who will meet Ron at the airport, taking Gunner and Montrose and driving them to me.  I’ll be rushing home after work, tending to my own dogs and cats and preparing to get on the road to Judy.  Miguel and I together will give Gunner and Montrose a potty break and a drink, and maybe a little snack, if we think their tummies are in the mood.  And then I’ll get on the road, saying good bye to Miguel.

But not for long!  Because Miguel will be one of Sawyere’s support team members, one of the people eager to learn from Sherri about the right way to work with an aggressive dog, and eager to help save Sawyere’s life.  What a guy, that Miguel.

Audrey's smile

Burberry wonders if it was strictly necessary for me to bring home Audrey and Jack, that first day, while Francie, a neighbor's Border Collie, tries to get everybody in line.


Audrey and Jack, still having almost weekly playdates

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