Key Players: Ron

I received a surprising phone call tonight, and I hung up the phone feeling much more confident about how everything is going to work, the day after tomorrow.  The man on the other end of the phone was a guy who just inspires confidence.  Meet Ron, airplane jockey for Pilots ‘n’ Paws, a group of flyers idolized by everyone in dog rescue.

Ron will leave Pittsburgh in the morning of the day after tomorrow, and he’ll pick up two dogs, Gunner and Montrose, from a shelter in Ohio.  This shelter is the other one, in addition to Elmore, for which Donna posts dogs on Facebook.  He’ll fly them to me, and I’ll drive them northeast to meet Judy, who’ll be coming southwest with Sawyere.  Gunner and Montrose’s shelter in Ohio still uses a gas chamber for euthanasia (although that will end next year), and although Marty, the excellent kennel manager there, hates like crazy to euthanize dogs for lack of space, she sometimes has no choice. 

Pilot Ron has made it possible for Gunner and Montrose to be free of the threat of euthanasia, since the Elmore shelter is virtually no-kill now (Sawyere’s euthanasia would have broken the shelter’s long ‘winning streak’.  I’m so glad I was able to help keep Elmore on its wonderful no-kill path).  I’m really excited to be driving Gunner and Montrose one leg of the journey towards their forever homes.

There are pilots like Ron all over the country, donating their planes, their expertise, and their time to bring dogs and cats to safety.  Heroes, every one of ’em.  Here’s a link:

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