Ignorance is…well, it does have a ‘b’ and an ‘s’, but it’s not bliss

I’ve just been on the phone with Judy, who’s the Vice President of the board of directors of the Elmore S.P.C.A., Sawyere’s shelter.  She and I were talking through several different possible scenarios for Sawyere’s journey here, since it looks like the weather tomorrow will absolutely prohibit flying Gunner and Montrose (Pilot Ron thinks that Tuesday looks good, and Judy is also liking Friday as a possibility).  After we’d made as many ground/air contingency plans for the three dogs as we could think of, our talk turned to the broader subject of dogs in shelters, and a funny thing happened. 

Judy was telling me that, as a new board member, she’s trying to bring her tiny, rural shelter into the 21st century, and she was giving examples of how the shelter hadn’t been taking advantage of current innovations in pet rescue.  I was in the act of attempting to empathize with her by ‘one-upping’ her story, and was opening my mouth to tell her that even at our big, metropolitan shelter, the Volunteer Director had never heard of Best Friends, when she asked, ‘Can you believe this?–they’d never even heard of Best Friends!’ 

Jinx, Judy!  Trust me, I feel your pain, and I’ll be blogging my heart out about it, someday soon. 

I can’t remember if I’ve written this here before, or if it was in my blog section called, ‘One Tiny Step Per Day’, but Best Friends is a mecca for animal rescuers.  Let me encourage you not to be one of the clueless on this topic.  By educating yourself about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you’ll be on the cutting edge of animal rescue, and, unfortunately, far ahead of some people who really should know better.  Here’s another link:  http://www.bestfriends.org/

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