Jim Dandy

Jim seems so much better that I can’t really believe in it, and feel superstitious about writing too much about it.  Tonight he told me in no uncertain terms these things:  I do not want that pill (Tramadol, but I finally got him to take it); I want only one dropperful of that liquid food; I want you to put me down outside now so I can pee; I want a big drink out of the community bowl; now I’m ready for bed, and I want to sleep in my normal spot in the big bed.  So that’s what we’re doing.

While he was still resting in his crate with the door opened, before all the above happened, I suddenly decided that the time was right to give Simo a bath.  I’ve been worrying about the fact that he seems a little red in places.  He has very sensitive skin (and almost no fur), and it looked like he was getting a hot spot on his tail.  Once he got over the initial terror, which made me very sad, he began to enjoy being in the water.  I washed him with several different gentle, good-smelling soaps, scratching him lightly all over to rub soap on every hair (he loves being scratched like that).  Then I rinsed him well, roughed him up with a towel (he loved that, too), put Benadryl cream on his tail and on one thigh, brushed his ‘mohawk’, gave him a Benadryl capsule, let him out and back in, and now he’s asleep, curled up next to Sadie.  This is a first, and it makes me very happy.

Now it’s time for all of us to join the sleeping ones.  While I was bathing Simo, Grace climbed into the big bed, fell asleep, and wet the bed.  I’ve stripped it, done laundry, made it up with fresh sheets and blankets, and I’m so ready to get into it.

I hope to find Jim even more improved, tomorrow.

Keep it up, my friend!

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3 Responses to Jim Dandy

  1. Anja says:

    Awww, I’m so happy to hear he is doing better!!!
    As to Grace’s “contribution” …. does she leak urin?
    My Panda has to be on medication. She is on Proin.
    She was fixed at the age of 2 1/2 ( so not too early) and it took me a while to realize this was more than about swimming and playing in the water.
    Sometimes she would leak only a little, but at times she would have a full bladder-release…. laying down!!!
    If they leak laying down…. they pretty much need the meds.
    My vet put Panda on a pill AM and PM ( 25 mg ) and because she responded within the same day and is so young… I cut her back and she seems to do well with a quarter of the dose.
    I have heard that in people it can cause UTI’s if not dosed properly, so it is important to keep them on as low of a dose as possible.
    Let me know what you think!!!

    • cellopets says:

      I’m confused, Anja–Panda’s still young, right? I’m wondering if that’s why your vet has her on meds. Tell me about the time of spaying–how does that affect it? Re. my dogs, isn’t it normal for old dogs to wet the bed in their sleep sometimes? I always thought it was. I think my vet said it’s especially common in elderly spayed females? Even my male dog Brigadoon wet pretty often, in his last year or so. I’m counting up…Pito did, but he was on Lasix for his heart. On the other hand, so was Dingo, but I don’t remember him wetting. I remember I’d carry him out when he had to go, towards the end. So I’ll count Pito. Then Briggy, and occasionally Jumper, and just now, when he had the spine trouble, Jim, and Grace. At least with all of these five dogs, I think you’d be safe to conclude it’s age/infirmity-related. My vet never suggested any meds for it–just offered a sympathetic comment for me, as the person doing the laundry. 🙂 When Jim and I were there on Monday, in fact, I asked about whether he, MVDVM, thought that I should encourage or even allow Jim to walk around enough to pee (because it’s been packed ice on the ground here for a while–finally starting to melt), or should just let him keep peeing where he lies, and MVDVM said it would be fine to let him do that, as long as I’m keeping him sanitary, and said that it doesn’t mean that I’m losing him. The very next day, Jim already was walking much better, and really wanted to walk around a little, so that worked out. Grace is a huge challenge in this regard, though. In fact, just as I was writing this, she peed right in her bed, although I’d just brought her in, less than five minutes ago. This time she was wide awake. I really hope this is because of the ice out there, and it could be. The whole time I’ve had her (since December 1st), there haven’t been a lot of weather incentives for elderly dogs to spend time outdoors, and I hope to do better with her in the spring. She is such a challenge that I’ve wondered lately whether that might be part of why she was abandoned. So I’ll inquire about Proin for her–thank you!–and I’ll post here what MVDVM says about it. In the meantime, I’m very glad that I have a waterproof crib mattress for her bed, with a waterproof mattress cover, too.

  2. what about getting her one of those fabric diaper things? i think you put absorbant something inside, like a maxi pad, they are for intact females during heat and incontinant dogs

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