Jim’s Back!

My old, very good friend, Jiminy, aged 14 or 15

Woo hoo!  There’s a dramatic change for the better in Jiminy’s health today, and he’s looking out at me with his old eyes!  I almost can’t believe the difference.  I came home in between my two note factory shifts, and he seemed better to me, but when I came home after the second one, it was very obvious.  He not only went peeps outdoors; he went without my supporting him, and he lifted one hind leg for a few seconds!

And when I tried to feed him with the dropper, he tried to fight me off, and accidentally bit down hard on my finger.  🙂  Yesterday at this time he was completely passive and lethargic.  Unbelievable.  I’ll have to figure something out for feeding him, though.  I can’t have him twisting to avoid the dropper, because it could undo all the healing.  Good thing I bought a large package of ground beef on the way home from the note factory.  We’ll see if I can get him to eat from a bowl tonight.  I’m sure that would make him feel good, in several ways.

After a long hunt yesterday, I found my TENS unit, where I’d stored it up high, away from Giovanni’s sharp little teeth.  Now, every time Jim has pain, I attach the electrodes to either end of his spine, after checking the level of stimulation on my own arm.  He seems to respond very well to it.  I have to hold the electrodes down close to his skin, so that his fur doesn’t absorb all the ‘buzz’.  I know how well it works on me, and I imagine that it’s part of the reason he’s doing so well, although I think the meds are giving him huge relief.

Ahhh.  This is very good.  We will celebrate with a group nap.  If I have time, I respond to everything, good or bad, with a nap.  🙂  Dogs are top of the line, as nappers.  We will sleep for a little while in the late afternoon sun, and I will be thankful.

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