Black Mouth Cur

My Audrey, part Black Mouth Cur?

The other day, I was doing some crossposting of dogs on Facebook when I spied a dog who looked a lot like my Audrey, who came to me as a stray from Kentucky.  I spend a good amount of brainpower trying to decide what breed, or, more likely, breeds of dog Audrey is, and I’m still stumped.  So I was excited to read, down in the thread, that one person was of the opinion that the dog who looked quite a bit like Audrey was a Black Mouth Cur.  Here’s a link:

I sent a friend request to the woman who’d written on the thread, and she responded quickly.  Now that we were ‘friends’, I could see all the information on her page, and I liked what I saw.  She was obviously a very dedicated, knowledgeable rescuer.  And then I saw what, to me, was the best thing of all.  This woman had had a wonderful idea for a project benefiting shelter pets, and she’s inspired me to do the same thing in my area.  I’ve already posted a request for other local rescuers to be involved, and gotten several ‘yes’ responses.  There are still things to check on, but in case this works, here’s the link so you can read about the idea:!/note.php?note_id=175954706425

and here’s a link with the details of how she does it:!/note.php?note_id=448121481425

I’ll keep you posted on whether we’re going to be able to get this off the ground here in our area–it will depend on whether the shelters are willing to do the laundry to make this work. 

A little update:  I’ve been doing some more reading on the Cur breeds, and first of all, I believe that the breed Audrey may be (and which I’ve now learned Old Yeller was) should be spelled as one word–Blackmouth Cur.  I’ll switch to that, from now on.  And in the course of following ‘Cur’ links, I came across a type of Cur called a Lacy, and learned that there are Blue Lacy dogs and Red Lacy dogs (maybe more!–I’ll keep reading), and I want to share an adorable picture with you.  Enjoy!

Help, I want a Red Lacy puppy!

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