Sawyere And Mazy

Sawyere will be here in three days, and I’m very excited.  I believe that his flight arrives the same day that Beloved Friend and her children will be driving about an hour away from their home, to pick up Mazy.  There’s lots to think about right now in dogland, and I’m grateful to have a life so filled with dogs.

But because I’m fighting an illness (actually, I’ve lost the battle; I just can’t tell yet if I’ll get even worse, so I don’t know if I’m still fighting), my relationship to my dogs has slightly changed, and I don’t much feel like writing about them, to be honest.  I just want to surround myself with their warm, funny, loving presences, to pet them and hug them and kiss them and let them help me heal.  I think I’ve felt an illness coming on for a few weeks now, but because Jim was sick, it wasn’t possible for me to succumb.  Now that he’s back to being his normal, bubbly self, I can allow myself the luxury of a quick illness. 

Speaking of Jiminy, he seems actually to have come back even better than normal.  Perhaps his vertebrae had been giving him trouble for a while, and the Metacam anti-inflammation drug made him feel really good.  One thing that’s different for sure is this:  Jim has been very loving and playful with me, something he was showing slight signs of even before his illness or injury, but which is now very noticeable.  This may be fanciful, but I don’t know if he remembered, until I spent that week nursing him, just how much I love him.  As I’ve written here before, Jim and I have known each other for so long that we’d gotten used to taking each other slightly for granted.  But not any more!  

So Jim and all the dogs and cats are healthy and happy, and things are nice here, in spite of the fact that I’m under the weather.  I haven’t been too hard hit, and I think it’s because of a habit of mine that wouldn’t normally be such a good thing.  I happened to have bought some chewy vitamin C tablets recently, only because they were ‘buy one, get one free’.  They turned out to be delicious–little gummies in the shape of orange sections and tasting just like candy.  Yes, just like candy, with the predictable result–I’ve been eating loads of them, and what would normally be, at this time of the year, a sinus infection for me, seems to be manifesting itself only as a cold.

So I should be up and running in plenty of time for Sawyere’s arrival, and Mazy’s.  In my down time, I’ll try to get the doggie pad project off the ground.

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