Rescue Chocolate Message

I see myself becoming a big fan of Rescue Chocolate.  I’m planning my Easter baskets around these bars, in fact.  I gave this stuff as a prize to a new crossposter on Facebook, someone who shares information about shelter dogs on the West Coast, to help them find great forever homes.  Now I want some for me.  🙂

I just got this email from them, which helped strengthen my resolve to treat myself, and the people for whom I make Easter baskets, to their chocolate.  I’d love to go to both of the festivals they’ve written about, but won’t be able to.  Since I have many friends in the New York City area, I’ve chosen this way to let them know about these fun food parties.  I wonder what people will think about the fact that PETA is involved–that organization is so controversial.  

Gray skies and cold weather getting you down? Break out of your late-winter doldrums by waking up your taste buds and sending a jolt of energy through your whole system with a Rescue Chocolate bar!

Have you ever tried Pick Me! Pepper?  It’s guaranteed to put a zing on your tongue and a bounce in your step.

The truth comes out! We know they’re smart, but really, Portuguese water dogs are not able to read and write. And Senator Edward Kennedy’s companion, named Splash, was no exception. His ghostwriter finally reveals all in the New York Times.

It’s costume season. Southerners are in Mardi Gras mode. Jewish children are working on disguises for Purim. And the animals? They don’t need much help looking cute. Please post a recent shot of your cuties to our Facebook page!




Rescue Chocolate’s beneficiary of the month is Furry Friends Rescue. Your purchases throughout February support this phenomenal group in their efforts to help sick, abused, and injured animals, around the Bay Area of California and beyond. They work with more than 21 animal shelters to place dogs and cats in loving forever homes, and they’re in the process of building a multi-acre animal sanctuary so that they can do even more!

Plan to come see us at the spectacular Chocolate World Expo at the Meadowlands in New Jersey on March 6. Rescue Chocolate will be amongst scrumptious company, urging thousands of chocolate-lovers to remember the animals!

Mark your calendar and look forward with great anticipation to New York City’s first-ever Vegetarian Food Festival, popping up in Chelsea on April 3. There will be scores of vegan and vegetarian vendors, yummy food samples, vegetarian starter kits, cooking demos, health and wellness talks, musical entertainment, book signings, and more! Rescue Chocolate founder Sarah Gross is one of the co-organizers, so it is sure to be a smash hit.

And even if you can’t make it into Manhattan that day, you can still help get this show on the road by visiting the festival website ( and clicking on the Donate button. Please spread the word! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and come on down!


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