To Everything There Is A Season

I think I’ve written it here before.  I don’t believe in praying for things, or for favorable outcomes.  But I often pray that I will have the strength and wisdom to do the right thing, the thing that needs to be done.  I pray for patience, and for energy and health to keep on taking care of those who depend on me, and I pray that I’ll know when it’s time for me to stop trying so hard and let go.

Rescuers on Facebook often pray for dogs, and for each other.  I haven’t paid much attention to it, honestly, preferring to just get in there and do something (I know, I know–the praying people would say they are doing something).  You probably know what I mean, though. 

But one day a post about a dog came over my desk, and in it was a request for prayers.  And, to me, this one was different.  For one thing, there was no other action that could be taken on behalf of the dog, by anyone, at that time.  Even the person who was asking for our prayers could do nothing but wait.  Also, I knew that the kind of prayers I consider sensible were exactly what this woman needed.  She was going to need to speak eloquently on behalf of this dog, and to perform all the steps necessary to save it in a calm, gentle, but confident way (which, now that I think of it, is exactly how she was going to need to be with the dog itself, if she were lucky enough to be allowed to save it).  

Having observed this woman in her rescue activities on Facebook, I felt that, if anyone could pull this off, she could.  So I prayed wholeheartedly, for her wisdom and for her gentle persistence, and for her ability to choose the right words at the right time.  I had an immediate and strong conviction that she would be allowed to rescue the dog, although it seemed very unlikely, looking at the picture and reading the circumstances. 

Read what you wish of the ‘thread’ given in this link, and don’t miss the video towards the end, and another short one after it:

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