OK, Sawyere, Here We Go!

Road trip for Sawyere and Judy!

Sawyere arrives tomorrow, and I just hope that the big snowstorm we got today puts no hitch in the plans, as it did the last time he was supposed to come.  Here’s the email I sent out to everyone concerned in the ‘Sawyere Project’:
Hello, everybody!  I’m missing the contact for Boomtowne, but I think Judy has it.  Maybe you can email me with Jen’s email address, Judy, and I’ll add her in?  Thanks!
The way I have it going down tomorrow is that Judy and Sawyere will arrive at Boomtowne at about 1:30.  Mr. Mike is our videographer, and he has very graciously offered to donate his after-expenses services for this project, because, as an all-around dog lover and father to a complicated dog himself,  he wants to help Sawyere get a good home.  I’m really grateful to you, Mike, and I’m sure we all are, especially Sawyere, in theory!  Mike will be videotaping Sawyere and Judy’s arrival, and plans to get to Boomtowne at 1:15. 
   *****  Donna, Mike needs to know what format or size you need his footage to be in, for posting on Facebook.  Can you two contact each other to exchange this info?  I don’t know anything about videotaping, and will just be in the way on this issue.  Thanks, you two!  *****
So now you know you Mike is.  Let me introduce everyone else (and then there will be Jen, director at Boomtowne):
Judy, Vice President of the Board of the Elmore SPCA, Sawyere’s home since November
   Judy will be driving Sawyere tomorrow, coming all this way to see where he will live and who will be taking care of him.  Not only that, though…to be continued*
Donna, Facebook ‘poster’ for the Elmore SPCA
   Donna, who posts adoptable dogs’ information on behalf of Elmore, and Judy*, working together, were able to save Sawyere’s life with minutes to spare, when they received my offer of  help with his rehabilitation.  Donna lives in Canada, and works from her computer, and has had her finger on the pulse of the ‘Sawyere Project’ from start to finish.  She knows everything that has happened, more than anyone else except Sawyere, who ain’t sayin’.  🙂
KC, kennelwoman extraordinaire at Elmore
   KC (along with Stephanie, another kennel staff person there) was able to work with Sawyere without incident, and knows that he’s a very good dog in the making
Me, cellopets, crossposter on Facebook
   I’d been watching Sawyere since he first came across my desk in November, and I couldn’t stand that he was going to die.  I got my offer of funding for his rehabilitation in just under the wire; although, at that time, I thought he’d be going to Florida for rehabbing and adoption, and I had no hope of ever meeting him in person (? in dog, I guess you’d say).  Donna and Judy and I had to adjust Sawyere’s rehab plan many times, and we’re delighted with the way everything has fallen into place.
Sherri, owner of Tails of Success, and one of our city’s most respected dog trainers
   Sherri and Tails of Success have just received a very prestigious award, I was told by a mutual dog trainer friend (maybe Sherri can write us the details sometime), and we think Sawyere couldn’t possibly be in better hands than Sherri’s.  It’s of great interest to many of us, the subject of how to work with an aggressive dog using only positive reinforcement, and we are thrilled that Sherri is allowing us to watch Sawyere go through his ‘college’, and that she’s willing to have all this be filmed for Sawyere’s Facebook page, which will certainly help him get a great home.
And now there’s ‘Team Sawyere’, six of us who will take turns feeding and walking Sawyere.  First of all, there’s our team leader:
LuAnn, my mentor for dogwalking at Sugarcoat Farm, our big local shelter, and a woman who has an uncanny way with all dogs, including ones with ‘issues’  (see my blog entry, ‘Wise Words’, in the archives)
   LuAnn crouches down near a dog, and a blanket of calm and reassurance settles over the two of them.  On top of that, the time she’s spent at Sugarcoat has made her quite expert at kennel procedures, and I’m very grateful that she was willing to be the liaison with Boomtowne in this area.  LuAnn has already been to Boomtowne to be trained in its procedures by Jen, and she’ll pass those on to the rest of us, tomorrow or sometime soon.
I’ll assist LuAnn, and will try to take on all the non-canine jobs (like writing this email), to free her up to spend as much time with Sawyere as she can.  I will be the one to take care of Sawyere when no one else can, but I’m quite worried about that, since I’m in a very busy time at work, so I appreciate very much the offers of help from the rest of the team:
Rajeena, known elsewhere in my blog as Dog Goddess or DG, positive-only ‘dog trainer in training’, who, like LuAnn and KC, has a wonderful presence with all dogs.  I met Rajeena when she helped me with Sadie, my ‘aggressive’ rescued Beagle mix.  Rajeena does something I consider quite wonderful, which is to donate her training time when she is called in to work with rescued dogs or fosters.
Maureen, unflappable dogmother of dogs Max and Ruby, and foster mother of Pit Bull Clarisse (written about here on more than one occasion), a recent arrival from the New York City shelter system who has been enjoying some quality time with Rajeena, and who will be ready to find her forever home any day, now that she’s been spayed and is learning to leave behind some baggage she’s got no more need of  🙂
Jeanne, the Pied Piper of Dogs, known in the blog as Den Mother, who has two of her own dogs, and an amazing dog boarding service in her lovely home, where she sometimes has nine or ten dogs enjoying a spa-type stay
   I’ve walked with Jeanne at the big unofficial dog park near here, and tried to figure out how she gets eleven dogs, nine of which are not her own, to follow her every step without leashes, without biscuits, almost without words.  I’m not the only one mystified by this–Jeanne’s kind of famous at our parks.  Jeanne is also a major benefactress of rescued dogs everywhere, from Best Friends on down, and she has made a very generous contribution towards Sawyere’s college education.
Miguel, the man responsible for bringing Jeanne and me together
   Miguel is the father of one of my favorite cello students, and he’s the first parent of any of my students to be what I call a ‘dog person’ (and I’ve been teaching for more than 30 years now).  He’s a great dog man, and the whole family is dog-smart.  At the first official dog rescue I ever did, I brought two dogs up from Kentucky.  I kept one, and the other was adopted by Miguel’s family, and I never hope to find a better home for a foster dog.  The two dogs still have play dates during son Ben’s cello lessons.  Miguel drives at least one of my dogs over to his house, and frolics with the pack in his yard.  Anyone who can drive my dog Burberry without being driven crazy himself will be the perfect calm presence with Sawyere.  🙂  Miguel and Jeanne know one another from dog romps at a park near their homes, and I’m very excited that the three of us will be working together with Sawyere.
Steve, Executive Committee Member of the Board of Directors of Sugarcoat Farm, known in my blog as Mr. DBTY
   Steve, dogfather of Jackson and Ilse, is very interested in Sawyere’s progress, and will attend ‘Sawyere events’ when his schedule permits.  He’s also on the Board of Directors of the orchestra I play in, and I figure he’s going to be the one person who will keep me from getting so involved with Sawyere that I risk my job.  🙂  Actually, Steve, ignore that smile face–I’m serious.  I really am nervous about that.  Keep me toeing the line at the note factory, OK? 
Thank you so much for helping me help Sawyere!  Sincerely and gratefully, cellopets
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