Mazy Has Landed!

I’m on the phone with Beloved D, the daughter of Beloved Friend.  They’ve picked up Mazy and are on their way home with her.  Both Beloveds are delighted with Mazy.  They say she’s beautiful, and sweet, and peaceful.  And Beloved D thinks her father will love Mazy, too. 

But there’s one crazy thing–Mazy is a small dog!  I mean, a smallish dog.  She weighs thirty pounds, which is half of what Burberry weighs (admittedly, Burberry is a big Coonhound).  Beloved F says that Mazy looks exactly like a miniature Coonhound.  I’m jealous!  I’ve never in my life seen any dog who looks like a tiny Coonhound.  If I had, it would be living at my house.  🙂  I am so glad, at least, that the one miniature Coonhound in the world has ended up at my friend’s house, where I’ll be able to see pictures of her as often as I want, and might even be able to visit her. 

Here are Mazy’s shelter photos.  Tell me, does that look like a small dog, to you?

Hmmm...perhaps the height of the concrete

blocks should have given us a clue?

But here’s a picture of Burberry.  Wouldn’t you think these two dogs were of similar sizes?

big Coonhound girl

Just heard from the Beloveds one last time (we’ve talked frequently during their drive, and they’ve asked a lot of questions, which I hope I’ve answered well enough to be a help).  They are home with Mazy, and they sound very happy.  I am so proud of them that I really don’t know what to say about it.  Congratulations on your first dog?  You’re amazing for having prepared for her in every possible way, including signing on as a dog walker for a Coonhound rescue group (can’t wait to see what they think of Mazy Minihound)?  Major kudos to Beloved Husband for giving this a try?  Thank you both for being so generous that you spent hundreds of dollars on vet care for a dog you’d never seen, who may end up being only a foster pet for you?  How ’bout just this?–you’re all awesome, and I love you!

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One Response to Mazy Has Landed!

  1. mollyweasley says:

    The excellent news: Mazy was not only much more energetic when we got home but she also PEED OUTSIDE!! Yay! She’s a real sniffer, and has the same tendency Joe the Coonhound has of wanting to be up high, on top of the snow banks, up above you on the hill.

    The bad news: We got her in her room and she sniffed for a while, went in and out of her “little house” (ie, crate with fuzzy new bed and triceratops chew toy) and then pooped on the blanket, and then again on the blanket, and then AGAIN, this time on the hardwood floor. Maybe 24 hours of poop?? I got to inaugurate the gallon of Petastic AND she gets to go to sleep to the musical sounds of the washing machine . . .

    The medium news: she went in and out of her “little house” perfectly happily a few times, but then when we closed the door for bed, her body got all dejected again. 😦 But then we had the bright idea of offering her some treats and she ate them! First time. Before she had just sniffed them but not eaten them. Maybe because she had to poop so badly?? But anyway, at least she got a bit of a reward for being in her “little house.”

    Time for the humans to go to bed!! Big day tomorrow . . .

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