Wonderful Day

Sawyere is safe.  Judy, who drove Sawyere, is doing fantastic work at his shelter, and did a great thing by sparing his life and bringing him all this way.  Mike did an awesome job of capturing some very special Sawyere moments today on his video camera.  LuAnn was so good with Sawyere that he settled into his new home within minutes, and then I went with her to the store, where she insisted on buying him a beautiful bed, some very high quality food, and the best dog treats I’ve ever seen, in two flavors.  🙂  And we walked him several times, and fed him, and asked him to sit, and nothing was any trouble at all. 

Mazy is safe, and the Beloveds love her already. 

Little Mia, the baby Chihuahua with the cleft palate, has made it through a couple more health scares, and has shown such a strong will to live that I’ve started not to fear losing her.  And she likes the clothing I got her for Valentine’s Day!

Little shirt for Mia

A dress and a kiss for Mia

Talented Artist is more and more delighted with Rupert each time I talk to her, and she’s just pulled off a cat rescue of her own (she’s always been a super friend to the felines, and has done kitty rescues before). 

Jiminy is fully recovered.

Grace’s health is the best it’s ever been.

And all the rest of my canine/feline pack is in excellent health and spirits, too.

Everything is so nice today in petworld…

And tomorrow at 6:00 AM, I’ll be walking Sawyere in the winter wonderland town where his ‘dorm’ is, and at 4:00 PM, I’ll be watching his teacher work with him–so fascinating.

I have a lot to be thankful for today, and I am thankful.  And I’m sleepy! 

Six o'clock's gonna be here before I know it.

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