Over The Hump

It was a very tricky day, for those of us involved with Operation Sawyere, but it’s ending much better than I’d have thought, just five or six hours ago, and I think we’ve got our groove.  In no particular order:

Jeanne and Miguel were trained tonight to become more Sawyere handlers, and he seemed to like both of them very much.  Jeanne brought him a big bag of Canidae (I’m not sure of the spelling, and too tired to google it) as a gift. 

LuAnn bought everything else on his wish list–his wiggly Kong, his pheromone collar, and more grain-free food.  Sawyere’s got a full pantry for awhile, and I’m very grateful to both Jeanne and LuAnn.  Sawyere’s a charmer–that’s why everyone is so generous to him.  😉

And he was a charmer today.  I’ve fallen for him, and today I had my first thought of worry about how I’ll take it when he gets adopted.  It will be a wonderful thing for him, and he’ll go to only the best home, of course, but I know I’ll be very sad.

It made me very happy, to see how much more content he was today than yesterday.  His face actually looks different to me–there is a different look in his eyes.  His brain is being so stimulated by his training, and he has opportunities for so much hard running and playing, that he seems to relish his down time, or, at least, to truly need it.  The Boomtowne staff told us tonight that he’s a perfect gentleman in his kennel.  He didn’t bark once, they said, and he doesn’t bump the door with his nose as a lot of the dogs do.  And he has never, ever eliminated in there.  He rests comfortably today–a big improvement since when he first came.  Yes!  Good dog, Sawyere!

Sawyere checks out his new digs, by now furnished with his blanket and bowls and his new plush bed, a gift from LuAnn

I’ll be out to feed him, walk him, and work with him tomorrow at 6:30 AM.  Jeanne will take him out at 12:00, and Miguel’s got the 6:00 to 8:00 PM slot.   The day after tomorrow, all four of us, plus his teacher, may be available, and Sawyere might wonder how he’s going to fit in his naps!  But I’m sure we all love watching his progress and helping it happen.

OK, the 5:00 AM alarm isn’t too long from now.  And I must be ready to hustle, because, after morning Sawyere duties, I need to get to the note factory–on time!

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