Great Articles On Dog Aggression

You don't look too happy here.

I’m going to let someone else do the work of my blog tonight, mostly.  I’m learning all I can about aggressive dogs nowadays, because of Sawyere, and the series of articles linked below is absolutely wonderful, I think.

The news here is all good.  The Beloved family is being so good to Mazy that she’s already feeling much more comfortable.  She’s gotten used to the routine and begun to be proactive with her wishes–going to the door to ask for a walk, for instance.  I love the questions Beloved Friend poses to me–my favorite so far is how many seconds it usually takes a dog to eat.  Mazy snarfs her food down, and Beloved F must never have seen that, since she’s seen only cats and humans eat (it speaks well of Beloved Husband’s table manners that Beloved F is surprised).

I met a new rescue friend today, by following a trail which started at Sawyere’s dormitory, and this woman thinks she’s got a livestock guardian dog for me, for the egg farmer I wrote about in, ‘Akbash, Anyone?’  She does Great Pyrenees rescue, and she herself owns a Pyr/Akbash mix.  She’s very nice, and we talked for a long time.  Tomorrow is raw milk and egg day, so it should be easy to get a message to the farmer to let him know that there’s someone who can help him, and then the woman is willing to contact him directly.  Wonderful!

All of my dogs are just peachy, and so are the cats.  Also, the note factory work is very fulfilling this week–great music with a great conductor–and basically, everything in my world is grand.

And here’s what’s most on my mind–Sawyere.  I feel like Sawyere and I are making lots of progress together, and every day I look forward more to seeing him.  I especially love my morning visits, although they’re so darned early.  Working with a dog one-on-one is similar to giving music lessons, and very satisfying.  So it’s off to bed for me, because 5:00 will be here before I know it, and even with a nap, I’m falling asleep at my computer, literally.  Here’s the link to the wonderful series of articles on aggressive dogs:

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