Friend Just Got More Beloved

I’m being run off my feet.  I buzz out to Sawyere’s dorm early every morning, a little over a half hour from my house.  I scoot back home to take care of my own pets, and then I whiz downtown to the note factory.  If I have some extra time after I’ve taught my music lessons for the day, I sleep.  This blog is getting short shrift, just when I could be writing such interesting things! 

So I was utterly delighted to find that Beloved Friend has started writing about Mazy.  I now proclaim that the job of writing about Mazy has officially passed from me to Beloved F–and no backsies! 

I love what she wrote, especially the last part.  I want to send, and will send, if the Beloveds don’t get one first, the perfect little stuffed puppy to Mazy.  I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t break Beloved F’s heart, but I was pretty sure that Mazy wouldn’t love that triceratops, although I couldn’t say why.  Enjoy this story of Mazy’s day, and then I’ll be back, with a bit about Sawyere’s and my morning.

Ooh, first I’m back with something for Beloved F to share with the whole family, although it sounds like she might not need it.

It’s quite amazing to me how few people know the info in the link above.  I guess I’ve known it for a very long time, since I was a kid, I think.  I imagine I learned it by trial and error.  It really can save a dog’s life, though, so let’s pass it around! 

OK, I’m starting a new post for Sawyere.

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