Unique Opportunity For The Right Applicant/s

Prince Sawyere

Sawyere, a stunningly handsome and intelligent Pit Bull/Chow cross, will be available for adoption when he receives his diploma from the acclaimed dog training academy, Tails of Success, where he is receiving rehabilitation therapy from owner and head trainer Sherri Romig.  Sawyere came to Rochester, New York one week ago, from an enlightened shelter in Plattsburgh, New York, the Elmore S.P.C.A., www.elmorespca.org  Although many of the employees at the shelter recognized that Sawyere was a noble prince of a dog in the making, he had several challenging behavior patterns, and was scheduled for euthanasia.  Respectful Rover Rehabilitators of Rochester (I just made that name up–we’re really just a bunch of dog-smart, dog-loving friends who have insatiable appetities for dog knowledge, and want to save the life of this special dog) jumped to Sawyere’s rescue, and enlisted the help of positive-only expert rehabilitator Romig.

After less than one week of lessons, Sawyere has made significant progress, and it’s clear that he will, someday fairly soon, be ready to take his place as the loyal and loved companion of a dog-smart owner or family.  Sawyere is not the dog for just anyone, and his new owner will need to know about his past history and the road he will have travelled to get to the point of being ready for adoption. 

Romig’s Respectful Rover Rehabilitators of Rochester 🙂 expects to receive a number of applicants for the position of Sawyere’s owner, and rightly so.  Sawyere will be quite a prize, when he’s completed his education.  Even now, the rehabbers and the staff at the canine dormitory where he’s staying are smitten with him.  We wondered two things.  In the first place, how will we ever tell all of Sawyere’s potential adopters about his unusual journey?  And secondly, how will we eventually choose the best owner for him?  And here’s where the unique opportunity comes in.

We would like to invite Sawyere’s seriously interested potential owners to become involved in his schooling, in a way to be mutually determined.  A potential adopter or adopters could have as little involvement as simply observing Ms. Romig as she works with Sawyere in front of an audience, once a week on Sunday afternoons.  Or this person (or people) could become one of Sawyere’s rehabilitation assistants, helping the other Respectful Rover folks take care of Sawyere’s daily needs and reinforce Ms. Romig’s training protocol at Sawyere’s Rochester residence, the Boom Towne Canine Center, www.boomtowne.com  A serious potential adopter might even be allowed to function as a foster home for Sawyere as he goes through his training, with the possibility, but not the requirement, that it will become his permanent home.

Smart, sweet...you'll be swept off your feet.

In addition to all the benefits that such a unique pre-adoption relationship will confer on Sawyere and his potential adopters is this:  serious interested adopters will receive hundreds of dollars worth of hands-on dog training experience from one of the country’s best canine trainers, at no cost to themselves.  We believe that Respectful Rover Rehabbers are the first to offer such a priceless gift of knowledge to potential adopters, and we’re very grateful that a generous contribution from an area dog lover has made it possible for us to set up Sawyere and his new owner for success in this unique way.

We reserve the right to limit the number of potential adopters who will be chosen to participate in this special program.  Please contact Ms. Romig at Tails of Success, www.tailsofsuccessny.com, if you wish to apply to be considered.  Serious inquiries only, please.  Sawyere’s eventual adopter must commit to a positive training protocol for his future, and a home visit will be part of the adoption application process.

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3 Responses to Unique Opportunity For The Right Applicant/s

  1. Jeanne Lokar says:

    Oh, Ingrid, I THINK THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!! The perfect way to convey this serious and happy message. I agree that the potential adopter must get The Full Story on Sawyere……..though, going with, “Dogs live in the NOW” mindset, I think that seeing this dog as he IS/WILL BE is the crucial component. I do believe it’s time to get the word out NOW on Sawyere. I truly do. I’m anxious to see this boy get into at least a foster-to-adoption home, if possible. FABULOUS plan, Ingrid!!!!! (no surprise there.)

  2. LuAnn Blackburn says:

    I think it is a wonderful opportunity for Sawyere to find a foster home and I can’t imagine ever giving him up after living with him and participating in his rehabilitation. Sherri has been wonderful and her training methods are so positive. He has progressed a lot in a short time and I think that having the ability to choose the proper home for him will make for a very successful adoption. I defer to Sherri’s choice of foster homes and potential adoptive prospects. I feel that a foster home will excellerate his progress but it needs to be the proper fit or we set him up for failure.
    Great job, Ingrid. I am in awe of your tenacity for rescue.

  3. Donna Kraan says:

    Ingrid, please see my email. All adoption applications must be processed through Elmore SPCA, Peru, NY. The link for downloading the adoption app is already on Sawyere’s facebook page.

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