Intense Day And Night

I need to sleep, so I’m ready for tomorrow, which will be another intense day.  So I won’t write much, and won’t write pretty.  Here, in no particular order, are the powerful things that have happened in the past 24 hours.

I participated in the best orchestra concert of my life tonight.  Everyone was on fire, playing as one big team, and my section (all the people who play the same instrument I do) was amazing.  Our leader came and shook all our hands, and said it was wonderful–he’s never said that before.  The audience was very large, and very enthusiastic, and the whole thing was…very.  🙂  And I had four friends there, which made it even better.  I do love my job at the note factory, and I would hate to lose it.  I am quite terrified when I feel like my dog activities threaten to make people take me less seriously at work.  Lately, though, I think it might be changing.  Some people are starting to understand what I do in my spare time.

OK, from now on, it’s all dog

Simo rolled over on his back, for the very first time!  He was playing–I’m sure you know how dogs do that.  It was adorable!  He really is getting more affectionate and relaxed–almost by the day.  Love that Simo.

I’ve turned a corner with Sawyere, and feel very protective of him.  I’ve been feeling a little emotional about Sawyere all day–I spent many hours with him, and he has started to hate it when I leave him at his dorm.  There’s so much to tell you about Sawyere that he deserves a blog entry all to himself soon, and he’ll get it.  But tonight, suffice it to say that I now feel tenderness for him.

Anna Belle is not sick, I think, and I was worried that she was.  This is a huge relief.  She’s elderly, and I was worried about Cushing’s.  But she’s bouncing around today, and very affectionate, too–kissy, even–and she ate heartily, as long as I fed her by hand.  She and Simo both are becoming much more ‘snuggly’.

Grace went out the dog door to go potty, for the very first time.  She’s come in that way, but not very often.  And going out is a bigger deal, anyway–I made a fuss.  She’s walking so much better lately.  When all the ice is gone, I bet she’ll be able to move around almost normally!

Working with Sawyere has inspired me to work on my own dogs’ training, and they love it.  And I love hearing about Mazy’s training, which brings me to…

The most intense thing all day was that, as I was cooking the dogs’ dinner, I realized that the ‘shelter’ where the employees took dogs out back and shot them was where Beloved Friend’s dog Mazy came from, exactly one week ago today.  Here’s that link again, and I should have warned you yesterday–it’s upsetting. 

It’s terrifying to think that these kinds of things happen, and I’m sure that Beloved F will almost never look at Mazy again without thinking of the close call she had.  I can’t wait to talk it through with her. 

OK, to sleep, to get ready for ‘the man’ tomorrow!

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