Akbash Update

Sawyere had his best day ever, today, and all there is to write about him is that he’s one good dog.  The effort I’m making this week to keep him at the top of his form, physically and psychically, and still make a strong contribution at the note factory is starting to wear me down.  So I won’t stay up late blogging about him–he’s doing great–end of story. 

I’ll just give you an update on a past blog entry.  Remember my egg farmer, who was looking for an Akbash or Akbash mix to guard his flock?  Well, I found him the perfect person to help him.  This very nice woman rescues LGDs:  Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Until I began researching, I had no idea that dogs were classed like that.  Anyway, she herself has an Akbash mix, and she knew all about the tricky possibilities for rehoming an LGD.  I’m sure my egg famer can depend on her totally.  

So maybe there’s an Akbask mix in the farmer’s outlook!

Next morning update:  When I got up at 5:45 and headed up to make coffee, I realized that I had almost no idea what I’d written here last night, I was so tired.  I brought my coffee down and logged on to Facebook, and there was the best message I’ve received in months.  Miguel had written that he was available to take Sawyere’s morning visit today, after all!  (I had asked him to ‘sub’ for me, and he hadn’t been able to, but his whole day had gotten rearranged.)  I am so happy.

I really love going to hang out with Sawyere, and I’m a morning person, so I don’t mind the early hours.  It’s just that we have four concerts in four days, and two of them are being recorded, and it’s definitely a bit of a brain drain.  Going out to Sawyere’s dorm twice in a day is no problem on a normal day, and I did it yesterday, but if I’d had to do it again today it would have been tough. 

I can tell how tired I am because, in my original post, there are at least two misspellings.  I was literally falling asleep as I was typing last night.  I’m going to let those misspelled words stay there for a while, to remind me not to expect too much of myself during this period of overtime at the note factory.

Back to Miguel.  He had accidentally fallen asleep very early last night, and so he’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.  We spoke on the phone just before six, and he was ready to head out to see Sawyere.  Since I’m up and have the extra time, I’m going to start my running program, ‘Couch Potato to 10K’, and take Burberry with me.  I think it might be spring here, at last!

Sawyere is going to have lessons with Miss Sherri later today, and a visit from his friend Imre, a new Team Sawyere member, and dinner with me, and then his ‘tuck in’ visit from Jeanne.  So everything is good here in our neighborhood, and I’m feeling very lucky and grateful, as I watch the video clips from Japan.  I hope I don’t find one thing to complain about today.

By the way, my rescue friend Anja friend my blog last night and sent me a link to two young male Akbash dogs needing rescue in Wyoming, and I’ve just written to the woman who posted those dogs, asking her if she would like to get in touch with the wonderful Livestock Guardian Dog rescuer I’ve met here.  I’m very glad I’ve learned about Akbash dogs.  I have dreams of someday having a little farm, and although I had never thought of having an actual working dog before now, I find that it’s an attractive idea to me.  Dogs like to work; they need to do some form of work, actually, or, most of them do. 

handsome Akbash boy and his friend need rescue

So now I’ll take Burberry, and maybe Sosimo, out to do a little ‘work’ before it’s time to go to work.

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