Dog Tired

Sawyere continues to improve by leaps and bounds (and he leaps and bounds, too!)

I’m sorry for that pun or whatever it is, but I couldn’t resist it, since it’s perfectly true.

Down at the note factory, we’ve had two rehearsals, four concerts, and one recording session in four days.  Also during those four days, there was a gigantic agility event taking place at Sawyere’s dormitory, resulting in all kinds of challenges for Sawyere and his team. 

Somebody small (Annie?) has got diarrhea at home.  Sawyere’s got diarrhea at his dorm.  Grace may have a little diarrhea, and she’s still occasionally wetting the bed.  Adjusting everyone’s food and meds.  Think Sawyere possibly doesn’t do well with any food containing liver.  Have been cleaning things in most spare moments. 

Yesterday, in an effort to stave off an incipient allergy-related migraine, I foolishly took Excedrin migraine medicine and an expectorant containing phenylephrine and a Benadryl capsule.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken Benadryl.  I had it in the house for the dogs, and I really wanted to get myself into better shape for the concert.  Since I don’t like to take a lot of drugs, I just didn’t think about possible interactions.  So, far from being in better shape, I played that concert/live recording in a complete fog of drug interaction–never felt anything like it.  I had to concentrate every single second just to keep from making a mistake.  

Actually, as I’m writing this, I realize that so much has happened that it’ll take hours, and I want to get to bed to be ready to go for Sawyere in the early morning.  ‘Springing forward’ for daylight savings time made things harder today.  So the heck with this dog blog for tonight.  Real dogs trump a dog blog, anytime.  I’ll catch up as soon as I can.  The incredible push at the note factory will start to slow now, and I’ll be able to get a breath.

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One Response to Dog Tired

  1. Jeanne Lokar says:

    Whew! Honestly,. you’ve really been on the treadmill this past week or two, Ingrid! JUST TOO MUCH happening, for sure. I’m sure you’re mighty glad to see last week ‘in your rear view mirror’.
    I’m planning my week….actually putting the finishing touches on it…so I need to know what is expected of me. Pls let me know!!!

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